In Loving Memory

Album: One Day Remains (2004)


  • Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti wrote this about his mother, who sadly passed away. In an interview with MTV he said: "There are a lot of themes on this record that are very personal, for example 'In Loving Memory' is about my mother who recently passed away. In terms of purely personal significance, you cannot get any deeper than that. It is definitely a sad, but uplifting song." >>
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  • Mace from EarthMy little cousin passed in June. This song was played at his funeral. Definitely made me cry the first time i listened.
  • Christopher from South Hill, VaI can relate.
    When I was 12, I found my baby brother dead. He had died from complications with his lungs.
    There isn't a day that I don't think about him. This song made me break down the instant it got through the first few verses.
    It was a good cry though. A healthy one. I needed it.
    Thank you, Alter Bridge, for such a beautiful song!
  • Al from San Diego, CaThere is a universality of emotions for those of us who have lost someone we love very much. Gifted artists, like Tremonti give the rest of us the words to express what we feel. I dedicate this song to my daughter Angelica Reyes (1993-2007). I miss you every day 'baby girl'.
  • Klaus from Manila, PhilippinesI can relate to him... how sadly.. my wife died a month ago, and i play this song in her burial.. what a painful worst than ever experienced.. i really love this band and how this sing this song...
  • Susan from Morgan County, Wvthis is the theme song on the iPod my daughter bought and loaded for me the Hanukkah after my husband/her Dad committed suicide at the age of 41. He was one of the victims of pyschiatric drug industry. Check out the documentary"Making A Killing - The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging". Get the facts and share it with everyone you know. Don't let someone you love, including yourself, be another victim. Peace
  • Nicole from Alexandria, Vathis band is pretty cool. i heard of them from wwe because they perform edge's theme and have appeared on the show with him.
  • Jesse from St. Peters, MoThis song was written by Tremonti (lead guitar) about his mother.
    The song "Blackbird" was written by Myles Kennedy (lead vocals) about his friend who passed away.
    Just thought i'd clear up the confusion.
  • Don from St Charles, MoThe song was not written about his mother it was written about his best friend who died, he wrote it the day he found out in the hospital as his friend passed on
  • Johnny from Toronto, OnMy Nana passed away September 30th 2008.. Heart Problems...This song brings back so many memories it just hits me so hard.. Im glad to see a band writing these type of Songs..Its bands like this that help me carry on with my life!!
  • Becca from Kansas City, KsMy grandmother died in 2006. A day or two later, I heard this song on the radio. And I just cried and cried for hours. Now I can't even listen to this song without thinking about her, and I cry every time. I really miss her.
  • Angela from Mcallen, TxI love this song and wont ever stop loving it
    its a very beautiful and emotional songs i can really relate too it ♥
  • Arthur from Lakeland, FlThis song was used in a tribute to late wrestler Eddie Guerrero. Watch the vid on YouTube. It's really sad.
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandIt's been a while since I last time listened to this song.
    My grandmother died last year, and the only thing I wanted to listen to, was this song.
  • Matt from Bristol, United StatesIf I may, the song isn't exclusively about Tremonti's mother. When I saw them live, they played it acoustic, and Kennedy said it was written about a friend of theirs who died in a car accident.
  • Chaz from Phoenix, AzBeautitful song and awesome vocals. For those who don't know; Myles Kennedy was also in the movie Rock Star with Mark Walberg. He is the guy that Mark's character "Cole" pulls from the audience to take over singing for him when he walks away from his band Steel Dragon. And for those who haven't seen the movie, do yourself a favor and rent it because it is a great movie that nails the 80s hair metal scene. The 2 main bands in the movie have real life rock stars in them. Zakk form Ozzy, Jeff Pilson from Dokken, Jason Bonham, just to name a few.
  • Marwa from Bahrain, Otherwhen i first heard this song, i had used it in my drama was, just beautiful..but i never really listened.when i decided to REALLY listen, i was online, and my friend terry broke the news to young friend julia had died. cancer. it was ironic. the song kills me everytime
  • Kara from Cadillac, MiThis is a beautiful and touching song for me. Having lost some very close friends in my life. Tremonti is the lead guitarist & one of the most talented musicians & writers on the planet. And as for the person who said "some Kurt Cobain "wannabe singer", it's actually Myles Kennedy and he is an extremely talented singer & writer in his own right. He also plays guitar. Not bad for a "wannabe", eh? - Rob
  • David from Tyler, TxMyles Kennedy is the lead singer (he also plays guitar). He sang the song very nicely, he put alot of emotion in the song, almost as if he wrote it himself. Tremonti is the lead guitarist....thats obvious ><
  • Kelsey from Houston, TxThe first time i heard this song was when i broke up with my boyfriend! [Even though i really liked him i didn't think i was ready to date anyone at the time]. And he gave me the entier alter bride [one day remains] two months later and about a week later i accepted to be his girlfriend again! and now we're broken up and everytime i hear this song i burst out crying everytime!! also my Grandma also passed away!.!.!.!.! :)
  • Rob from Castaic, CaI think Tremonti is the lead guitarist. Some Cobain wannabe is the lead singer.
  • Jack from Hemel, EnglandHis mother passed away due to cancer. It is a very emotional song, and amazing live
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