Open Your Eyes

Album: One Day Remains (2004)
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  • This was the first single from Alter Bridge. The group is made up of members of Creed, with the exception of singer Scott Stapp. Brian Marshall returned to Alter Bridge after leaving Creed, while singer Myles Kennedy also joined the group.
  • Like many songs on the album, this is about regrets. The chorus seems to be encouraging peace.
  • Alter Bridge guitarist/songwriter Mark Tremonti wanted "Down To My Last" to be the first single, but the record company rejected it, saying it sounded too much like Creed. This was chosen instead. >>
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  • Patrick from Overland Park, KsI saw AB live a couple years ago and they were absolutely amazing. This song rocked in particular. The solo on this song was ridiculous. In a word, it was epic.
  • Kara from Cadillac, MiI really love this song! it's like when you hear one Alter Bridge song you have to hear the rest of them. I agree with Brian that learning this lead is quite a task as well as learning any of the other songs by Alter Bridge. However well worth it. Tremonti is an ingenious guitarist and is very hard to follow. I also give much credit to Myles Kennedy for being the awesome singer he is and playing rhythm guitar. There is a passion in the way he sings these songs as well as in Mark's guitar playing. This band makes you feel as if they genuinely feel the truth of what they are trying to convey. They are so far beyond Creed. Their music and lyrics are much more progressive and thought out. With Creed the lyrics to most of their songs were interchangeable and would fit with the music of some of the other songs . Alter Bridge is a far more advanced band than Creed was. They are more globally minded and their lyrics have more depth. Tremonti, Kennedy and the others will take Alter Bridge much farther than Creed would have taken them. I am looking forward to seeing what they will do in the future. I give them props. They are a great band. ? Rob Cook
  • Glenn from Notts, EnglandIn my opinion, Myles Kennedy may be arguably one of the most talented singers of all time, he holds his notes so long and has so much range, he is also a great front man. If you like Kennedies voclas you reall really need to check 'The Mayfield Four' if you can. he sang and played lead guitar before he came to alter bridge. by the way open your eyes is purely about unity, racial differences. Myles is clearly strongly against racism.
  • David from Tyler, TxTremonti sings backup and plays lead guitar. Myles plays rythem guitar and is the lead singer. I do agree, this song is about peace (in my mind) but you'll never know unless you ask tremonti ><
  • Wally Lindsay from Auckland, New ZealandI LOVE THIS SONG.GREAT SOUND ESPECIALLY DRUM BEAT
  • Martin from Belfast, Irelandi think that the song is about a broken realtionship and he is say come back cant you see that we are one. or it could mean that he is encouraging peace as many of you say. he says "will i ever save this day" meaning he cant do it alone he needs the world to help civilisation take place.
  • Martin from Belfast, Irelandyeah so he is in the film :O i didnt know he made a guest appearance on raw wwe wrestling to playing metalingus :( i missed it
  • Jack from Hemel, EnglandOk, Mark is the lead guitarist and backing vocals, myles is lead vocals and backing guitar. They are amazing live, and nothing like creed. They arnt much like creed on the album in my opinion, i prefer them to creed. I do find it very annoying when people say " I dont like alterbridge because they are the same as creed and i dont like creed" It's stupid, Alterbridge are alterbridge, Creed are Creed. The solo on this song completly blew my mind! I have been playing guitar 4 years, and this solo was a real task to me, but i think i have it nearly mastered. AlterBridge rule!
  • Guy from Mchenry, IlI saw and met this band three times on their last tour. "Live" they are nothing like Creed. I saw Creed a handful of times, so I can give that opinion. Myles does not preach at all, nor does he want the focus just on himself. By the way, Myles was in the movie, Rockstar. Go and check them out!
  • Martin Owens from Belfast, Irelandno i think theyre new song is broken wings. i luv that song and its a wonder that theyre so underground. i don care anyway i think theyre kool. i think that open your eyes is about the world and its civilisation. i think the message thats ment to be going through is that if people keep this pollution up the world will end "open your eyes, and realise we are one" meaning your not only doing this damage to us but your doing it to yourself as well the world is one so why not treat it that way.
  • Tom from England, United StatesBeautiful song with a brilliant guitarist it helps people think about peace when you listen to it
  • Brian from Osage, IaHere's the lowdown: Tremonti is the lead guitarist, not the singer. Myles Kennedy is the lead singer. However, Tremonti did write the majority of the album. Wind-Up (their record company) did not reject anything for sounding too much like Creed, because that's exactly what they want -- a Creed sequel to sell albums to soccer moms. The band wants to release harder songs like One Day Remains, Metalingus, and they already got their way by releasing Find The Real but it hasn't blown up quite as huge as the label wanted, and they haven't sold the albums to give them alot of leverage with the label; thus, Wind-Up made the call that Broken Wings will be the next single and will be released to Adult Contemporary and Top 40 (and hopefully back to rock as well -- that's just ignorant if they stab rock radio in the back like that).
  • Elson from Quezon City, OtherIt was August 2004 when I heard the song "OPEN YOUR EYES" by Alter Bridge over an FM radio here in the Philippines, and I instantly loved it. I waited for the music video at MTV, Channel V, MXY, and other music channel and when I saw it I didn't just love it, it became my ringtong, MP3 wake up music, and anthym too. I think Alter Bridge would be a different band, since the members are matured in their type of music and although most are from a former band I could proudly say that they stand out from the previous one. GODBLESS, GODSPEED & I hope that the next time I visit a record bar I would buy the second album of ALTER BRIDGE ('coz I already have "One Day Remains" and "ELEKTRA" soundtrack).
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdi think myles played rythem guitar on this track too
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdyeah brandon is right. mark is the lead guitarist. on some of the songs, he sings backing vocals though
  • Brandon from Mesquite, TxEr..Mark is the lead guitarist, not the lead singer.
  • Rebecca from Peoria, Azthis is the best song i like by a band simular to creed but yea i think it talks about your past thought and how u regret wat u did in the past.
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdi think "down to my last" is going to be their next single
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