Show Me a Leader

Album: The Last Hero (2016)


  • This high-energy rocker speaks of the band's desire to see someone who can guide us through the difficult times. "Lyrically, it reflects the frustrations that a lot of people are feeling with the current state of the world, vocalist Myles Kennedy stated: "The world is looking for trustworthy effective leadership and not this undignified dog and pony show that's really made a mockery of our system."

    Guitarist Mark Tremonti added, "It's indicative of our process. Myles had this guitar intro that I loved, and I had the chorus. We put them together. The words call out for a proper leader."
  • Mark Tremonti recalled the genesis of this song to

    "I remember getting on the phone with Myles, and as usual we have this discussion where we have to decide how we're going to make this record a little different than what we've done in the past, keep on developing and going deeper into the rabbit hole.

    I said that one thing I want to do is try to incorporate a seven-string, because it's never been my thing and it's never been something that has really inspired me that much. But I wanted to break it back out and see if I could find some inspiration there.

    Then Myles showed me his part of the intro for Show Me A Leader and I started playing the seven-string over it. It just added so much depth. Such a big low-end and something we haven't had… we've had drop B stuff but this was even heavier-sounding… deeper-sounding."


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