I'm In Control

Album: I Remember (2016)
Charted: 39
  • Popcaan guests on this track. The Jamaican dancehall star also contributed vocals to Melissa Steel's UK Top 10 single "Kisses For Breakfast" and Jamie xx's In Colour track "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)."
  • Aluna Francis sings here of requiring intellectual prowess from would-be suitors. "You have to challenge [men]: It's like, 'Beat me at chess' - that's sexy to me," the AlunaGeorge chanteuse told Billboard magazine.

    She added that as a woman, "being in control, being the boss, doesn't always have to be, 'What a bitch. She's so angry.'"
  • When Aluna Francis started writing the lyrics, it was initially a song about knowing what she wants in life. However, she realized it was missing something. "So many times I have known deep inside what I want, without the confidence to actually state it, so others with stronger voices just tell me what I'm getting and I let them," the singer explained to Fader. "I wanted to change that so I added lyrics that would give me the strength to speak and take action, not just wish; this song became a reminder to take control."
  • The video was shot on location in the Dominican Republic by director Emil Nava.
  • Despite working with Popcaan on this song, Aluna Francis doesn't feel that dancehall as a genre has influenced AlunaGeorge's music. She told Artist Direct: "He just did a verse for us, and I wouldn't say that dancehall has really affected our sound. We were just working the same way we normally do, experimenting with different things, and we just came up with that track."
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