Album: Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters (2017)
  • When a fan contacted Amanda Anne Platt to write a special song celebrating his love for his wife, the Honeycutters' frontwoman jumped on the idea - but she was nervous. Platt had always written songs from her own experience and was worried she wouldn't be able to connect with a commissioned project in the same way. In a Songfacts interview, Platt explained how she managed to honor the couple while still making the song her own: "I had never really felt pressure to write a song before. I didn't want to just fudge it. I still wanted it to be something that I could believe in, something that I felt was true from my own perspective. I think that as songwriters, and probably any kind of artist, if you're commissioned to do something you have to find that middle. It's their story but to make it authentic and make it breathe you need to have your own story in there, too.

    So I remember having this pressure of feeling like I didn't have anything to really add to this and the song was kind of feeling like this list of facts that he had given me about his wife. And then my mom actually gave me the break. She said something to me about the guy I was dating at the time who's now my fiancé. She was like, 'Well, if you love him, he must really be a rare thing.' That made me think of how there's a lot of obsession with love and romance in our culture. But when you really find somebody that is your best friend that you can be with, that is rare. That was definitely what I was getting from David and his wife, Holly. They had this incredible love that has lasted them through the years."
  • The narrator reminisces about the couple's journey and how they built a beautiful life together despite their loved ones' predictions that they'd never last.


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