Baby Baby

Album: Heart In Motion (1991)
Charted: 2 1


  • Grant wrote this for her daughter Millie, who was six weeks old at the time.

    We asked Amy in a 2013 interview what Millie - then 23 years old - thinks of the song. Amy replied: "I think she just says, 'This is the song inspired by me.'"

    Grant added: "When they were younger, they traveled with me on the bus. I mean, as they got older, I had to take a tutor until they were old enough to not want to travel as much as I did. But I didn't ever force my children to have any kind of emotional attachment to the music I made, because I knew that they would find the music that they loved, and I didn't ever want them to feel pressured. I jokingly have said, 'Oh, I'm so glad I heard 'Baby, Baby' in an elevator the other day, because it's helping defray the cost of your college education.' [Laughing] But it's just like, 'Well, that's what Mom does.'"
  • Grant is a very popular singer in the world of Christian music, but this was her first big secular hit as a solo artist. She did have a #1 hit in the US with her duet with Peter Cetera on "The Next Time I Fall."
  • The Nashville producer and songwriter Keith Thomas wrote this with Grant. He worked on several of her songs, and also wrote hits for Whitney Houston, Vanessa Williams, Sophie B. Hawkins and James Ingram.
  • The video for this song raised suspicion among Grant's Contemporary Christian fans, as she sang it affectionately to an actor - not her husband (and father of Millie) Gary Chapman. Grant and Chapman, who married in 1982, divorced in 1999. A year later, Grant married the Country star Vince Gill.
  • The Swirling Eddies recorded this on their 1996 album Sacred Cows, which was comprised of comedic covers of Christian hits. When we asked Terry Taylor of the group in 2012 if he stood behind the album, he replied: "Yes, I stand way way way behind it! Look, I had a blast doing it, but no I wouldn't do another. One is enough! I know first hand that Amy Grant thought it was hilarious. On the other hand, I don't think that Degarmo and Key were too happy with the fact that they had the dubious honor of having not one but two songs covered by The Eddies."
  • To commemorate its 25th anniversary, Amy Grant remade the song in 2016, with additional vocals by her labelmate Tori Kelly. Producer Dave Garcia brought Kelly into the studio to record her take. He then merged her vocals with Grant's original for the updated version.

    Grant told People: "Although I had not met Tori at that point, my 15-year-old daughter, Corrina, is a big fan of Tori's and so I was very aware of her incredible talent and was honored she would sing this song."

    Kelly told ABC Radio: "I definitely wanted to stay true to the melody and, you know, how the original was made. But it wasn't hard to stick to it 'cause it made me realize just what a great song it always was, and it just felt so classic and timeless."

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  • Terri from Long Beach, WaGary,

    A happy marriage cannot fall apart simply because someone else showed up. That is impossible. And Amy filed for divorce 3 YEARS before she got together with Vince Gill.

    You, OTOH, have been married 3 times. Two of them were unsuccessful. From what I've read (today) you have finally cleaned up your act. Good for you.

    I have been married to an alcoholic and a drug addict. I didn't have the patience that Amy did. We were divorced within 4 years. However, until the day he died, 27 Feb 2016, he still claimed that nothing he did was the cause of our divorce and that he wasn't an alcoholic or drug addict. That, BTW, is despite the fact that he was under Missouri supervision, and had been for several years, because of the substance abuse.

    Thank you for providing your email address, but I won't be responding that way. My email address is kept between my family and friends. I don't really want to get emails from people I don't know.

    8 Feb 2017
  • Al from Springfield, MoThis all strikes a very personal chord for me. I was married for 33 years to a gorgeous creative Christian woman who seems to be very much like Amy Grant and has the same birthday, November 25. She, too, met an "innocent" man in the "midst" of an alleged troubled marriage that ended upon their involvement. I was not perfect but was not an alcoholic, cheater, or drug user and was not abusive. However, upon her encounter with this new man, in her eyes I was all of the above. The truth is so allusive in these matters.
  • Mike from Norwalk, CtGary, if you read this, I want to let you know that you do pop into my mind once in a while and I always pray for you. I know it must be hard what you went thru and I did enjoy seeing your show on CMT back in the day. Anyway, feel free to email me if you want encouragement. People certainly can be You are not evil like some say here.
  • Michael Scott from Punta Gorda, FlThis was a great song and Grant will never rest being apart from her first, sorry, I saw Gill (a day older then me) in the guitar at grand opening of the Hard Rock they sang House of Love. All things in this life collapse though. Corruption is everywhere, I saw it with the hwy and at my baptist ch.
    All it means is that we need to love life and appreciate what we had and to realize its just temporary. The cards fell wrong by being too complacent.
    Always try to set an example as if everyone see's what you do behind closed doors and you will be O.K. Honestly. He had the Best.
  • Penny from Asheville, NcGary admitted to cocaine abuse in People magazine. This combined with the ongoing drinking and his large ego plus his terrible, arrogant personality and obvious Jealousy of Amy's success would run anyone off. Amy hung in there a long time, and way very gracious and sweet - not a hateful braggart like Gary, and she did not cheat on him while they were married either. I don't blame her for leaving him. His conceit alone would have done me in. He certainly wasted no time getting married again and then divorced just as quickly.
  • Gary from Nashville, TnWow. What an unpleasant experience. I'm so sorry that a number of you feel free/compelled to write such horrible things about me. I'm pretty sure not ONE of you know me at all. Let me summarize... I DID have a problem with cocaine in the early 80s... I DID come clean with that fact in hopes of helping others in the same trap... I DID NOT ever abuse Amy. Ask her. I DID get pulled over (with a designated driver in the car who told me AFTER he had agreed to drive that he couldn't operate a stick-shift. I know... dumb on my part, but my judgment was clearly not up to stun...the pot charge WAS dropped (another part of the story which will be told in my upcoming book.
    Shame on you judgmental jerks for the damaging untruths you've told here. You are ignorant victims of the PR machine that mowed me down ten years ago.
    Well, guess what. I'm okay. God is good despite the fact that He has to deal with such hurtful children as yourselves. If anyone wants to speak directly to me, email me. I am unafraid. That address has been public for many years. NOT ONE of you bothered to ask me if any of the crap you spew was true or not. I am sorry for you.
    I trust you will lie sleepless tonight as you ponder your destructive hearts and the far-flung implications of your actions. I have made my share of mistakes but I DID NOT cheat and DID NOT abuse anyone. I lost my family to a home-wrecking, aw-shucks bastard then got accused of being the reason it happened. Try that on for size.
    Again... shame on you. I suspect NOT ONE of you will have the courage to confront me directly.
  • Tina from Noble, OkGary Chapman is an acoholic and a drug addict, what are you people talking about? Plus he was abusive to her. And you know what---God will forgive for divorce right along with others sins!!! He is NOT a great guy-he drove his wife away with his addictions. By the way, is he still a Christian with all his addictions?
  • Katie from Evansville, InHow about we just talk about the song... for goodness sakes people!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesAngel, I think that the minute that Gary Chapman started taking out his drink and drug-fuelled anger on Amy Grant, the holier-than-thou adultery crap goes straight out the window - it was his actions that ultimately led to the demise of their marriage. It ends there...
  • Angel from Jakarta, IndonesiaI like a few songs of her, but I don't like her personality. She can never be a witness for Christ as she has failed God and she didn't obey God's word when she committed herself to adultery after she divorced her first husband.

    She is just like other women who have ever cheated on their husband just to fulfill their emotional and sexual needs.

    She was not loyal to her first husband and didn't commit to her wedding vows that She would have been with her first husband through good and bad times, sad and happinness, rich and poor, in any circumstances including when her first husband was addicted with alcohol and drugs.

    She should have supported and been with her first husband through his bad times or in any circumstances of his life.

    She was making excuses and tried blaming on her first husband in order to get rid of Gary and just wanted to be with Vince.

    After 16 years of marriage, she just dared of blewing off or giving it up for her unstable feelings for another man.

    She did put Gary and her children's feelings aside just to fulfill her emotional feelings and sexual needs.

    Christianity is not a religion, but it is a way of life. It shows very clearly about her lifestyle and "Christianity".

    We will see how her second marriage will be going on in the next few years or in the next 10 years.
    Will it last for life? Or Will she find another excuse to get rid of Vince or just to make her statement looks right and her husband is wrong?

    May God forgive and bless her because she doesn't know what she is doing!

    What a shame of her as a Christian and who "knows" about Jesus and His word" but her way of life is totally against God's word.

    Love N' Peace in Christ,

    JCs Warrior
  • Jane from Austin, TxBravo, Dave! Couldn't have said it better myself.
  • Dave from Nashville, TnI worked with many people in Nashville, have met those in question numerous times. Grant never mistreated Chapman in fact it was the other way around. Their pastor at the time stated that the marriage covenant was broken and Grant did not commit adultery. There was abuse, in many different ways and there is a reason why people in the Christian music industry rallied around Amy and blew off Gary. The man is bad news. Just my opinion from what I and many of my colleagues witnessed. Glad she's found happiness again. By the way Vince was divorced for three years before Amy and Gary even separated. The love you note was gossip supposedly from Vince's ex wife who said she regrets now saying that "in anger". Amy is also not an adulteress like one commenter said. The Bible says once we accept Christ we have eternal life. Not by works but by grace we are saved. The Bible speaking of adulterers not having eternal life is concerning the unsaved NOT the saved. Sin is sin and all fall short of God's glory. Amy has a place in Heaven with Jesus if she's accepted Him as her Savior and Lord. Scripture says when we ask forgiveness that God forgives AND forgets our sin. Scripture also says that God is not a man that He should lie. I'll take His word on that.
  • Don from Indianapolis, InThere was a "Soul To Soul" remix of this song that MTV played in regular rotation of the video. At that time in the early '90's, "dance music" was gaining a lot of steam and the sound generated by the R&B group Soul II Soul known for the hit, "Keep On Moving", was being used by a lot of artists. "Baby Baby" in this form was not included on the CD. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and if this particular remix on any CD to date?
  • Marsha from Nashville, TnFYI...Gary Chapman was arrested for drunk driving in the Nashville area last year. It was in the paper...sooooo
    I imagine that their marriage wasn't all that everyone thought it was.
    I love Amy & I love Vince! They are a wonderful couple, and do a lot for the community and charities. They will be the ones to answer for their actions, not us.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhAmy Grant's voice is like rich caramel sauce being poured over chocolate cake.
  • Doug from Charlotte, Nc Willful sin is serious!heb 10 vs 26. Marriage between two believers is a covenant for life and ends when there's death or unless adultery is committed. Then the innocent only is allowed to remarry. We can't do Yahweh's will our way and expect to get his results. Adulterers will not go to heaven when still in their sin and unrepentant Rev 21 vs 8.It may be agonizing to the conscience but unless our robe's white and we're walking in the light as He himself is in the light then His blood doesn't cleanse us from all sin. 1 john 1 vs 7. Sorry Amy you're still in your sin even if you confessed it. You can't be in another marriage while Gary's alive 1 Corrinthians 7 vs 38&39. Yahweh won't be made a liar ever! He keeps His word and His will not your will!
  • Asef from Silkeborg, DenmarkYes I agree lets talk about something else. Talking ´bout divorce allways makes me sad. Let´s talk about the song which i played a lot on the Christian Radio Station in the years 1992-94. I really love this one.
  • Terry from Northampton, EnglandLet's talk about something pleasant for once.Like the fact that,Amy Grant was born on the very same day as me--November 25th 1960.
  • Shannon from Palisade, CoAmy grant did NOT cheat on her husband with Vince Gill. The two knew each other, worked together, and began to have feelings for each other. They were tormented by those feelings but never acted on them while married to other people. Her divorce greatly pained Grant as she knew it was unbiblical, but her marriage to chapman was falling apart and she could not deny her feelings for Gill. Grant and Gill never shared physical contact beyond a hug or a handhold til they were married. All this was documented in a TV special where she, Gill, AND chapman were interviewed and shared personal stories.
  • Laura from Chicago, IlGary Chapman was not only a raging alcoholic, he was a drug addict who was incredibly jealous of his wife's success.
  • Sirena from La, CaActually, it's been told that Gary Chapman was an raging alcoholic and that's why Amy finally left him.
  • Laura from Fort Wayne , InLet those without sin cast the first stone. That counts me out. How about you, Kevin?
  • Kevin from Fort Worth, TxDid she write it for Millie before or after she cheated on Millie's dad with Vince Gill? I know this sounds mean, but this always really bothered me. Gary Chapman's a great guy, and he didn't deserve how Amy Grant treated him. Nor did their children.
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