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Album: Centipede Hz (2012)


  • This is the first single from the American experimental group Animal Collective's ninth album, Centipede Hz. The song was premiered on July 29, 2012 during the band's Animal Collective Radio venture, which was a weekly online transmission in partnership with The Creators Project and Domino.
  • Noah "Panda Bear" Lennox explained the album title to The Sun: "The centipede was an image we talked about as we began writing the first bunch of songs. We liked how alien it looked and how complicated and snaky it was and we wanted the music to feel like that. So the alien coupled with the radio stuff set up the title."
  • This song was one of the kick-starters for the writing process for Centipede Hz. Multi-instrumentalist Josh "Deakin" Dibb explained to AUX Magazine: "It was one of the first songs where I feel we found a satisfying language to work with [in] these songs. So I kind of always refer to it as the totem of the record. There's a certain emotional, psychological resonance with music that, when it's there, it's kind of indescribable," he continued, "and that song, just the style of lyrics, the way the vocals are, and the way it came together, it still gives me chills, even working on it for so long. It's just as simple as the 'come on, let go' line. There's something for me about that sentiment, something even from the lyrical kind of melding of vocalization and lyrics. It's really powerful to me for some reason."


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