Without End

Album: American Spring (2015)
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  • Anti-Flag wrote this song around the same time Donald Trump and the "alt-right" were gaining political power with nationalist positions that resist immigration.

    "The song is the idea that quite often, the worst aspects of our society are put forward," guitarist Justin Sane said in a Songfacts interview. "A lot of times, those things never will go away, but it's important for us to speak out against those things, so that those things don't become normalized, so that racism, sexism, bigotry of all kinds, xenophobia, just because those things are constantly being pumped out into the world, that we don't let those things become normalized to a point where people thing that they're OK."
  • The music video was directed by Doug Helmick with graphics by Chelsea Jones. It's a 360 video, so the viewer can control the viewpoint.
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