All My Own Stunts

Album: Suck It And See (2011)
  • Much of the Arctic Monkeys' third album, Humbug, was produced by Josh Homme. Two years down the line, the Queens of the Stone Age vocalist crops on this Suck It and See track, singing backup. Alex Turner told NME: "He came down one night and did his very masculine falsetto that he manages to do somehow."
  • The song finds Turner singing, "I've been watching cowboy films on gloomy afternoons." Another Suck It and See track, "Black Treacle," also contains a lyrical reference to western movies. The vocalist disclosed in interviews that he watched several westerns whilst recording the album.
  • The Monkeys hail from High Green, a suburb of the English city of Sheffield and this track contains a small segment of a tribute to the band's hometown. Turner explained to NME: "At the end you hear a little snippet of this song we were making up while we in the studio there called 'I'm From High Green' which is where we're from. It was summat we were singing quite a lot, the four of us, while we were there. How does it go again? Oh yeah, so you've got to do it in a sort of Chris Cornell-style vocal: 'I lost my accent/I live the dream/but I still like my ale/because I'm from High Green.' That sort of thing. Look out for it, you get a little snip."


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