Album: The Singer (1993)


  • Art Garfunkel recorded this Jimmy Webb song in the late 1980s but it didn't find its way onto a record until 1993 when it was included on his compilation album Up 'Til Now.
  • Garfunkel told Artist Direct the song was penned by his pal, Jimmy Webb "to me about me." He explained: "It's my biography. He knows me well. We're old friends. The line goes, "I'm tired of chasing vapor trail ghosts in the sky." I'm tired of floating around being a 'Skywriter.' He puts me up there because he knows I've had personal tragedy, and I was being a loner in the '80s. He writes that about me. This is our one chance to be on earth, in my opinion. Maybe we'll have another, but while I'm here I'm going to say 'It.' I'm going say the biggest, deepest, and most authentic things you feel. That's what these lyrics are."


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