Album: Blood of My Enemies (2012)


  • Attika 7 is fronted by Evan Seinfeld, former lead singer of the group Biohazard. When we spoke with Evan in 2013, he told us that this song is one that he was particularly proud of writing. "It's about mental insanity," he said. "It's about the pressure of dealing with real life problems and sometimes life is being too much. I mean, it's very relatable. The way I sing about it, it sounds really dark and I reference the Reaper and I reference demons - what I'm talking about are inner demons. And when I talk about the Reaper, I'm talking about immortality."

    We then asked Evan if he feels better after writing a song like this. His reply: "I feel like I have to do it and I think it does make me feel better."


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