Chris CornellVocals
Tom MorelloGuitar
Tim CommorfieldBass
Brad WilkDrums

Audioslave Artistfacts

  • The band was considered a "supergroup" since they were made up of members of the bands Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. Cornell was lead singer of Soundgarden. The members of Rage came together with Cornell after Rage was looking for a new lead singer, and famous producer Rick Rubin suggested they jam with Chris Cornell, and "see what happens."
  • One thing Chris Cornell made very clear upon forming the band was that he did not want it to be a political band, like the rest of the band's previous group, Rage Against the Machine. Though vowing not to be a political band, they have made political statements at times. The music video for their 2004 song "Doesn't Remind Me" contained a strong anti-war message, and 2006's "Wide Awake" was written about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
  • The band originally went by Civilian until they discovered another band already owned the name. Cornell came up with Audioslave only to get wrapped up in other name dispute. Unknowingly, Audioslave was being used by a less-successful British band at the same time. The British band had the name first, but decided to change their name to The Most Terrifying Thing to avoid confusion. >>
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  • On early tours of the band, they neglected to play the hit songs of their previous bands, but after the release of 2004's Out of Exile, these songs began popping up at Audioslave shows. They have covered Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun," "Spoonman" and "Outshined," and R.A.T.M.'s "Sleep Now in the Fire," "Bulls on Parade" and "Killing in the Name."
  • In addition to covers of their previous bands, Audioslave has covered other songs at their live shows, including The Clash's "White Riot," Rush's "Working Man" and The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army."
  • The cover art for their self-titled debut album was designed by Storm Thorgerson, who has designed many famous album covers, including Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, which is arguably the most recognizable album cover ever. >>
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  • In 2008, Tom Morello and System of a Down Singer Serj Tankian founded the Axis of Justice. Its mission to call upon musicians, fans, anyone who enjoys music to fight for social justice. >>
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  • On May 6, 2005, they became the first Rock Band from the United States to perform a free outdoor concert in Cuba when they played at La Tribuna in Havana. >>
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  • Audioslave reunited for its first performance in over a decade on January 20, 2017 at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles. The gig that the band took part in was the Anti-Inaugural Ball, a concert protesting Donald Trump hours after his swearing-in as the 45th American president. The band played three songs — "Cochise", "Like A Stone" and "Show Me How To Live."

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  • Koury Moksvold from Surprise, AzChris Cornell is an absolute monster. He dominates everything. His debut, Euphoria Morning, blew my mind. His singing the best in that album imo. I also don't know why Audioslave's Revelations didn't do good. It's a solid album.
  • Stinkerbelle from Muskogee,oklahomaNow....i see what all the fuss was about. Tho i tried, i just could not feel Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, or those other guys from Washington state. Ratm was a sound I forced myself into liking. At age 63, Soundgarden is now my go to. I certainly appreciate & feel deeply for Mr. Cornell, especially his unbridled vocal screaming ability. Absolutely mind blowing. RIP Christopher John Boyle Cornell.
  • Deya from Las Vegas, Nmpeople dont have much to say about audioslve they rock!
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlHis best vocals are found on songs like "Say Hello 2 Heaven", "All Night Thing", and "Call Me A Dog", and anything else on the Temple Of The Dog album...
  • William David Snyder from Phoenix, AzChris Cornell I beleave is right up there with Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio as far as vocalist go.If you don't agree take a listen to
    "Black days" from his Soundgarden days.
    -Bill Phoenix,AZ.
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