Out of Exile

Album: Out of Exile (2005)


  • In the Revelations bonus DVD, Chris Cornell said that he wrote the lyrics to this song when his wife was pregnant. He said the happiness that his soon-to-be-born child brought him was a way to put him out of bad moods, or "out of exile." >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM

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  • Kayla from Oklahoma City, OkI am trying to picture how Audioslave and Red Hot Chili Peppers could ever sound similar... and I'm failing. x_x Both are good bands, but this song definitely beats "If You Have to Ask".
  • Robert from Los Angeles, Cano one said the songs were "identical". he simply asked if the bass line sounds the same. it may or may not. either way, it's still a great song.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlThis song warms my heart so much c:
  • Bert from Pueblo, Nmthe basslines might be similiar, but you cannot listen to those two songs and think "oh my God, they are identical" You're calling a Chris Cornell's voice in a hard rock song with mellow verse a pure ripoff of a funk song with Anthony Kiedis' extremely different voice, and a super-high pitched chorus line. The music is not similar at all. They are both excellent songs, and Out of Exile is not ripping off If You Have to Ask. I think everyone wants to find ripoff songs because of the Dani California/Mary Jane's Last Dance thing
  • Jamee from Oklahoma City, OkComplain, complain, complain!!! Man, I really like this song, and don't care if the bassline sounds like what or whose or whatever. I like how Chris Cornell always has a deeper meaning to his songs. I will forever be an Audioslave fan, and this song is fun to sing with. I enjoy the sound and meaning of it.
  • Joseph from Toastville, OhYeah, Complete rip-off. Pfffttt...people quit analyzing songs to try and find something that sounds similar to something else. All you want to do is complain about it.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjIs it just me or does the bassline sound a lot like "If You Have To Ask" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
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