Panic Room
by Au/Ra (featuring CamelPhat)

Album: X Games (2018)
Charted: 30
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  • Au/Ra - real name Jamie Lou Stenzel – is an Ibiza-born and Antigua-bred pop singer-songwriter. She is the daughter of German DJ and producer, Torsten Stenzel.
  • Au/Ra wrote this song about the woes of anxiety and self-doubt, and the metaphorical place that those feelings put people into.

    Welcome to the panic room
    Where all your darkest fears are gonna
    Come for you, come for you
    Welcome to the panic room
    You'll know I wasn't joking
    When you see them too, see them too

    Au/Ra shared on Instagram: "Being in that headspace can be a scary thing but, by facing our problems and getting out of "The Panic Room" we've built in our minds, we go back to ourselves."
  • Originally released on February 9, 2018 as a pop track, the song came to prominence after the British deep house production duo CamelPhat created a remix. Their much more danceable incarnation features a faster beat and more prominent synthesizers.
  • Au/Ra had just turned 16 years old when this first entered the UK singles chart.
  • Au/Ra explained to Genius that she based the song on the feeling of not fitting in at school. Rather than talking about the anxiety itself she wanted to delve into what that feeling actually feels like.

    "It feels like you're being chased by something, like you're being chased by your fears, you're acting in a way that you don't want to act, because you're scared and it's all these emotions that are coming out and you don't know what to do with them," she said. "So the way that the song progresses is kind of like... it's talking about basically running away from a monster."

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