Fall To Pieces

Album: Under My Skin (2004)
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  • In the song, Lavigne explains that she just had a fight with a guy and they are at a point where the relationship can go one of two ways: either they make it through or they end it. She is hoping they stay together - "I don't want to fall to pieces." The overall tone of the song is sad and wistful, with no resolution about the relationship. >>
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    Francheska - Brooklyn, NY
  • Lavigne was just 19 when she released this song on her second album, Under My Skin. Much of her appeal was that she wrote her own lyrics, which dealt with topics girls her age cared about.
  • Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace produced this song and co-wrote it with Lavigne.

Comments: 13

  • Sunflower from LagosE.A this was the first song we both loved. It feels like 2011 all over again.
  • Audrey from Lawrance, MaI love this song.
  • Lucas from Las Vegas, NvSee now when i hear this song it makes me happy because the lyrics describe me and my girlfriend

    "I dont want a conversation because im in love with you"
  • Donovan from Sacramento, CaThis definitely was one of those memorable made for radio songs that hit big in 2004-05. It was never released as a single nor is there even a video for it but still a great ballad.
  • Lydia from Elyria, Ohi love this song! i think that it rocks! :}
  • Katy from Portland, Ori totally feel like this. i love him, but i can't be with him.
  • Morgan from Gratnsville, Uti like this song cause i feel like this sometimes and this song makes me feel better
  • Rachel from Victoria, AustraliaI'd got the same meaning from this song as you did Maria ... it's one of those 'I'm stupid for loving you, but I can't help it' moments.
  • Caleb from Rome, PaThis Song is about How Much She Loves him & she Doesn't What happens as long as he Loves her Back... Plain & Simple
  • Lex from Bristol, VaThis and one other song are my absolute favorite. This and Ghost of You by Good Charlotte. Not that ghost of you is a necasarilly good song but they resemble something that has happened to one of my relationships. I LOVE this song. I listen to it and cry every night.
  • Maria from Nowhere, Otheri dont know if im misunderstanding the lyrics or if you are, Leslie, but as i understand it the guy cheated on the girl or something ("you try to say things that you cant undo") and she doesnt really want to discuss it, and she doesnt wanna break up with him even though he hurt her cos she's so in love with him, and she adores him so much that she still has all those beautiful things to say about him.
  • Jen from Westville, Njseriously it is, it sounds like GnR. Course Slash is in the band so big surprise.
  • Jen from Westville, Njvelvet revolvers is better, its not about the same thing but its better. Sooooo much better.
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