Here Come The Runts

Album: Here Come the Runts (2018)


  • A runt is a member of an animal litter which is smaller or weaker than the others. Lyrically, "Here Come the Runts" focuses on how most of us struggle with being such an underdog.

    "We go through each day thinking okay, how are we going to eat? Or how are we going to make money? And all those things," frontman Aaron Bruno told TeamRock. "When really, at the end of life, when you're faced with the end of your days, the real question comes in hand: what now? Or what next? Those are the sorts of questions that fuel most of my thoughts, lyrics and study."
  • Asked to explain the album title by The Sun, Aaron Bruno said; "I don't want throw away s--t, I want it to make people wonder what it is about. Both my dogs, Sally and Billy, were the runts of their litters and they are really special. It's a record of the underdog and the story of these runts trying to navigate life. Inevitably they tried to jump on this train."


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