Night & Day

Album: Ride With Me (2014)
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  • Baha Men, most famous for their 2000 song "Who Let The Dogs Out," went on hiatus after releasing their 2004 album Holla!, but returned in 2014, signing a three-album deal with Sony.

    The group specializes in uptempo party music, and "Night & Day" fits the bill, with Caribbean rhythms and lyrics about having a good time - something that isn't hard to do in their native Bahamas.
  • The "Carnival Mix" of this song made the tracklist for One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Album, which also features tracks by Shakira, Ricky Martin and The Isley Brothers.
  • The video was shot in the Bahamas with a cast and crew that are all native to the islands.
  • In our interview with Baha Men lead singer Rik Carey, he said, "That was one of the songs that compelled us to do the whole album. We re-wrote that track at least three times, and I said, "This just doesn't feel right." I took a break from the studio with Dyson [Knight], who's also a member of the group. We came back and came up with this hook, and I was like, 'That's it right there.'"


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