Don't Brother Me


  • This track finds Liam Gallagher singing about being "sick of all your lying, your scheming and your crying," before asking the subject of the song to, "Come on and give peace a chance, take my hand, be a man." The Beady Eye vocalist admitted to Shortlist that it is about his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel. The pair fell out resulting in the breakup of the band. "I could've tried to call it something else," he said, "but that's what it is... And that is it. It's a lovely f--king song."

    Gallagher added: "There's a lot of love in there, but there's also a couple of - humorous, I think - digs. There's nothing malicious in there, 'cos it's not in my nature. I wish I could write a malicious one - you'd f--king know about it if I could - but I couldn't."
  • Liam told MTV UK that he doesn't consider the song to be an olive branch to Noel. "I've got nothing to apologise for," he said. "Our relationship is still touchy, but if I wanted to say sorry to Noel for something that I've done apparently wrong I'd ring him, I wouldn't write a f--king song. It's not an olive branch."

    He continued: "I'm not the bad person in this – Noel has done the f--king mad flip and he's got a whole new weird band. The only person that's left our hemisphere is Noel. I've still got the same rock and roll crew, all the roadies are still with us. Noel has washed his hands with it, which is fine but don't f--king come back and moan about it when it doesn't suit your f--king wig."


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