Paul Revere

Album: Licensed To Ill (1986)


  • This song tells the fictional story of how the Beastie Boys met. Basically, Ad Rock was running from the law riding on his horse when he came across M.C.A. M.C.A. asks for some of Ad Rock's beer and pulls a gun when Ad Rock refuses. Then Ad Rock gets the idea that they should join forces and rob a saloon for cash and more booze. It's at "the spot" where they finally meet Mike D. They all rob the place, knock out a piano player and his boy, grab two girlies and a cold beer and are out. The song helped form an image of the band as quirky and unpredictable.
  • Paul Revere was a key figure in the American Revolution, known for his midnight ride warning the Americans of the British invasion. He has nothing to do with this song, which got its title because that's the name of the horse Ad Rock was riding. >>
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    Angela - Sacramento, CA, for above 2
  • Produced by Rick Rubin, this track features an 808 drum machine, which is very common in Rap. What's uncommon is that they played the beat backwards and rapped over that.
  • This samples "I Like Funky Music" by the '70s/'80s disco-funk group Uncle Louie.
  • Cypress Hill reworked this for their track "Busted In The Hood" from their 2004 album Till Death Do Us Part. >>
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  • Markantney from Biloxi, MsI remember buying this Cassette when it first came out, though this was the best cut; you could literally play the entire tape without skipping songs.

    I remember some clubs would practically play one song right after the other when it was just drinking (early) or closing time.
    Though I recall it having two songs that would put folks on the floor.

    These dudes were innovators and though I'm not White; I was really proud of them not (trying to??) acting "Hood" or Black, if that's the words???

    Not sure why Vanilla Ice didn't get the memo? But Enimen and House of Pain did:) "Word" to our Mothers:)
  • Amelia from Modesto, CaAwesome song! Love the Beasties! Ha, be funny if that was how they really met LOL
  • Steven from San Antonio, TxTight ass beat. cant be redone
  • Olivia from Columbia, ScFavorite Beastie Boys song!!!
    First one I ever heard!!!
  • Don from San Antonio, TxYeah, this is cool!
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