by Beck

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  • The chorus of this song is sung in Spanish. Beck has used Spanish a few times in his work. The literal translation of the chorus is, "I am a broken disk. I have chewing gum in my brain."
  • The part of the second verse where Beck sings, "I get down. I get down. I get down all the way" is sung to the tune of the Christmas song "Jingle Bells." >>
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  • Producer Mike Simpson called the track a "labor of love" that took nearly six months to perfect. Simpson, who co-produced the album with fellow Dust Brother John King, explained how the song came together. "It was all Beck," he told MusicRadar. "He came up with that main riff and that became the foundation for that song. As with many of the songs it just started out with a nice solid guitar riff and we'd just build and start layering on the collage-style of recording the way we did. We'd get the samples and Beck would bring in walkie-talkies and all kinds of weird instruments that he found at thrift stores and play them on top."
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  • Cornflakes from Bfe, TnSamples both "Song for Aretha" by Pretty Purdie, and "Up on the Hill" by Monk Higgins & the Specialties.
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