Sin Pijama

Album: Mala Santa (2018)
Charted: 70
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  • This girl-power anthem mixes urban rhythms with a suggestive lyric - the translated title is "No Pajamas." The single originated in LA during some songwriting sessions Becky G had arranged with producers Mau y Ricky and Camilo Echeverry and Jon Leone back in 2016. She told Billboard that though it was just "two chords and one verse," it stuck and she felt "something has to happen with this song."

    Becky G wanted to drop the song straight away but her record company wasn't convinced until she suggested a collaboration with Dominican singer Natti Natasha. Released by Sony Music Latin on April 20, 2018, it reached #1 in Bolivia, Chile and Spain as well as the Top 10 across many other Latin American countries.
  • Asked by Billboard what made her want to get involved, Natasha replied: "What made me want to collaborate was the fact that it was a fun and flirty song, and I felt that most girls could relate to the lyrics. The fact that it was a collab with a female colleague made it even more interesting and fun; two girls talking about this type of experience. And I found myself jamming to it. I said to myself, 'If I'm loving this song and I can relate and see myself in this sort of situation, I'm sure other girls out there in the world will feel the same way.'"
  • The song's music video, shot by Venezuelan director Daniel Duran and filmed in New York, mostly shows both singers in a high-end party that wraps up with a pajama party. It features a cameo appearance by Prince Royce, whose fantasy about a girls' sleepover gets flipped on its head. Natasha said:

    "I loved Prince Royce's participation. The message there was seeing how guys fantasize about these type of scenarios, where they truly believe [women are] all glammed up all the time, and what they really think goes on in a girls' pajama party. But [the] reality is we love to be comfy!"
  • The chorus translated into English reads:

    If you call me
    We'll go to your house
    We'll stay in bed
    Without pajamas, without pajamas

    Becky G admitted to Genius that the hook is so straight to the point it makes many people feel uncomfortable. She explained that what she and Natasha are talking about is "stuff that girls want to say without feeling embarrassed or ashamed."


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