Sante Fe

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  • Beirut is an American folk band fronted by Santa Fe native Zach Condon. This song from their third album The Rip Tide finds Condon coming to terms with his lot. He told Mojo magazine: "It's kind of cheeky to be singing a positive song about the hometown I once felt such a distance from; but being there as an adult, with a more established name, I'm finding a real warmth and charm to Santa Fe. I got a kick out of that sense of contradiction."
  • The song's vocal hook is underpinned by an electric organ figure. It arose from a re-recording Condon was making of the Gulag Orkestar track "Scenic World," that he was making for the soundtrack to Alma Har'el's documentary Bombay Beach. He explained to Mojo: "I visited my parents for Christmas and was recording this old organ I still have in my bedroom there. I thought it sounded awesome and that I should use it for something else. So I started the chord progression (to 'Santa Fe') there and finished it in Albuquerque."
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