Brown Skin Girl
by Beyoncé (featuring Wizkid)

Album: The Lion King: The Gift (2019)
Charted: 42 76
  • Beyoncé recorded this celebration of "pretty dark skin" for The Lion King: The Gift. Produced and curated by the Texan songstress, the record features a collection of songs inspired by The Lion King movie.
  • This song finds Beyoncé sending a message of encouragement to young and insecure brown-skinned girls.

    Brown skin girl
    Your skin just like pearls
    The best thing in the world
    Never trade you for anybody else

    The Leader of the Pride is saying that brown-skinned girls should be proud of their skin and embrace it.
  • Beyoncé is joined on the song by:

    Her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, who has linked up with her mom on several of her previous songs. Beyoncé first managed to get a guest performance from her little girl on "Blue," where the toddler's giggles can be heard. Blue Ivy also cameos at the end of "Daddy Lessons" and appears in the music video for her mom's song "Formation." In addition, she has featured on several tracks recorded by her father, Jay-Z, as well as The Carters' cut "Boss."

    Saint Jhn (birth name: Carlos St. John) is a rapper and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Jhn has writing credits on songs for Kiesza ("Bad Thing," "Sound Of A Woman") and Usher ("Crash" and "Rivals").

    Nigerian Afrobeats singer-songwriter Wizkid, who is best known for his vocal contribution to Drake's "One Dance."
  • Blue Ivy Carter got her first writing credit for her contribution to this track.
  • The song inspired the #BrownSkinGirlChallenge, challenging women of color to embrace their dark skin by sharing images of themselves online. Following the track's release, thousands of users shared their own pictures of empowerment from their skin color and heritage.
  • "Brown Skin Girl" won The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter's Award at the 2019 BET Soul Train Awards. As one of the credited writers, the 7-year-old Blue Ivy Carter picked up at her first songwriting gong.


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