Album: B'day (2006)
Charted: 4 1
  • In this acoustic guitar-driven burner, Beyoncé sings from the standpoint of a woman who is addressing her lover, who has been cheating on her. She's telling him that he can be easily replaced.

    Ne-Yo wrote the lyrics for the girl power anthem, which were inspired by his aunt and her unfaithful lover. Speaking on his VH1 Behind The Music special, the R&B singer-songwriter described how his aunt had a successful career and was very generous with her boyfriend until he cheated on her. "I remember him coming to the house," recalled Ne-Yo, "and him looking in the closet and going, 'Where's my this, where's my that?' and she said, 'Oh, in the box to the left of the closet. Everything you own is in that box and everything I bought is over here.'"
  • Beyoncé's Spanish language version of this song did very well, making the Top 10 on the US Hot Latin Songs chart. The title in Spanish is "Irreemplazable."
  • This is the second American #1 for the Norwegian production team Stargate. "So Sick" by Ne-yo was the first.
  • This won The Soul Train Music Award For Best R&B/Hip-Hop Single By a Female and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite Song.
  • This stayed #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks, more than any other record in 2006, making it the most successful single of the year.
  • This was the best selling US single of 2007, with Rihanna's "Umbrella" in second place.
  • Beyoncé performed this song with the Country band Sugarland at the 2007 American Music Awards, where she was presented an honorary award as International Artist of the Year. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • When Stargate originally submitted this to Beyoncé, she didn't care for the drum beat. The production team reworked the drums and re-submitted the track and Beyoncé then embraced the song.
  • The rapper Lil Wayne referenced this song on his 2008 track, "Comfortable."
  • This wasn't specifically penned for Beyoncé. Ne-Yo wrote it more as a Country song and had Faith Hill and Shania Twain in mind.

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  • Chi Girl from NigeriaOne of the top choices for the song was then, upcoming R and B artiste, Chrissette Michelle. She felt it did not fit her upcoming album of love songs. Mary J. Blige found the song too commercial and rejected it. It was rumoured that Keri Hilson actually liked and recorded the song but her version was never released because Beyonce heard it and insisted on being the one to sing and release it. Beyonce claimed to have written the song whilel receiving a grammy for it. Neyo announced on t.v that she lied. Later, he semi- retracted his words - possibly because of the fear of not getting more jobs from her. Chrisette Michelle (mentioned earlier) sang at Donald Trump's inauguration about 10 years later and was heavily criticized. She defended herself calling herself a D-list artiste who hardly got gigs.
  • Isabella from 2227thstreetsoutheaststcloudBeyoncé is beautiful and with a great voice. Every time I see this video I remember when I was listening to it. I'm glad Neyo chose Beyoncé to sing this song.
  • Isabella from 2227thstreetsoutheaststcloudI love this song. Neyo was smart for writing this song. Brings me back to my childhood.
  • Lisa from Lawrence, NyI have always wondered about this one. If he's so "replaceable" (don't think your irreplaceable), why are you with him in the first place, I mean, can't you do better? (I can have another you in a minute, in fact he'll be here in a minute)---to me this means, "I'm not that choosy, NEXT!" You made a mistake with this one and you are BRAGING how the NEXT one will be here in a minute? Again, this is not a picky woman, just don't cheat. I DO get what the song is TRYING to say, and what the people who like it like about it, that the man cheats, he's just DONE! And I DO like THAT message! Just not that sure that is the ultimate message it sends out.
  • Yusuff from Lagos, Nigerial love this track it always gives me inspiration whenever l listen to the song. My girl Beyonce luv.
  • Rutba from Doha, Qatari just love this song
    when i heard it i was like omg!
    i heard all night now it's on my ipod
    GOOOOOO beyonce
  • John from Nashville, Tn"Irreplaceable" is two #1 hits of the 70s rolled into one: "Want Ads" by the Honey Cone and "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.
  • Brandi from Isle, Mnthis is a good song. beyonce has a good voice so go girl!! hehe to the left huh?
  • Christina from Houston, TxShe's from Houston!!!
  • Camille from Toronto, OhLove this song. Catchy tune & words. I'd like to address Marci's comments. If you get cheated on, first thing you want to do is cut down the person who cheated on you. This song's comments are really the singer's attempts to console herself. It's a way to build yourself up when someone's deception has cut you to the core. Rather than pine away, play the victim, or beg that cheater to 'give you another chance', hey, throw that dude out & better yet, replace him. I don't think this is Beyonce as a 'superstar' putting down any one person or any class of person in particular. I think it's Beyonce as an artist doing a mighty fine interpretation of a person being indignant because they've been wronged. You always want to let the person who's cheated on you know they really screwed up a good thing & they're the stupid one. This song's just another way of saying what Gloria Gaynor sang in the late 1970's "I will survive".
  • Rikki from Santa Ana, CaIt's a catchy song/tune. Beyonce is beautiful with a beautiful voice. I think it makes the point that if one doesn't treat another well, they can be replaced (and should be). How many of us have felt like we wasted time on a relationship that went nowhere? Later in life, we find we actually LEARNED something from that, so it is never a waste. Hope the guys get the message! Treat us right and no worries!
  • Constance from Dallas, TxNeyo wrote a good song.
  • Marci from Taipei City, TaiwanI'm wondering if anyone else out there share with me a slight annoyance with the lyrics of the song "Irreplacable" by Beyonce. Melodically, it's nice and catchy, and her voice is pleasant, but there are some little things that disturb me about this song:

    1. Most importantly, the song is devalued by the use of the word "n*gger."

    2. Obviously she's telling the guy he's not as special as he thinks. The line, "There'll be another you in a minute" suggests that another man who is equally as "unspecial" will come along soon. Hasn't she learned her lesson from the first guy?

    3. She bought the guy a car, but he cheated on her with another woman inside the car. Did it occur to her that she may have spoiled him?

    4. She sings about how being with him was a complete waste of time. Isn't that a reflection on her choice of man?

    I know I may be analyzing this way too much, but it seems typical of a person with so much fame and power to downplay personal humility, and blame others with a bigger than life attitude. All for a song.

    And does anyone REALLY care about what kind of cell phone she uses?

  • Dylan from Port Orange, FlDumbest song on US radio today. Bar none.
  • Trinity from Sterling, Vahi i really like this song that ne-yo wrote and im glad he pick beyonce to sing it
  • Aggie from Suva, Other<--- <---
    To the left!
    To the left!

    It's about a dude who thinks he's irreplaceable. He takes his gf for granted and cheats on her...not realising that she could easily replace him within a minute!

    I like Beyonce's voice. It's quite strong and she can do those high notes. well done.
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