Album: A Celebration Of Endings (2020)


  • The initial spark for A Celebration Of Endings came when Biffy Clyro severed their professional relationship with someone they had worked with for 20 years. Ending that relationship and another long-term personal one served as inspiration for this ballad. "It kind of made me realize that people take certain paths," frontman Simon Neil told Apple Music. "It doesn't mean that you're necessarily ever going to stop loving them. But actually, it's maybe not best to be together. You know, you kind of need to fight your own battles. It's a hopeful song, and we're not renowned for that."
  • Neil declares that even though there is now a distance between them, there will always be "a space in my heart" for this other person. "I call it the Disney tune," he laughed to The Sun. "It has a sentiment that everyone can understand - that longing for someone or something from your past."

    "Everyone has someone in their life that makes them feel like that," he added. "It's an honest expression of that feeling, and that song just makes me melt."
  • Biffy Clyro originally tried taking the song in different directions, but felt they were ruining its simple, naïve beauty, so they headed to Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles famously recorded their music, and got an orchestra to add some lush strings.

    Said Neil: "Sometimes you can overwork songs, and there were a few different ways we could have taken this. And actually, we took the obvious choice, which is 'Let's put some big strings on it. Let's make this heartfelt.'"
  • The Joe Connor-directed video finds Simon Neil performing carefully choreographed moves alongside dancer Jasmine Chiu as heavy rain pours down on them. According to a press release, the clip, choreographed by Steven Hogget, operates "as a metaphor for those rare relationships that endure and prosper as the years pass."


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