You May Be Right

Album: Glass Houses (1980)
Charted: 7
  • In this song, Joel takes the persona of a guy who is told he is reckless. Joel confirms the suspicion, admitting that he is crazy and extolling the virtues of a more carefree, but dangerous existence.
  • This is the opening track to Billy Joel's album Glass Houses. Before the song starts, there is the sound of shattered glass, to match the cover picture of Joel throwing a rock into the window of an all-glass house, as a parody of the saying "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." This was Joel's statement to his critics. >>
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    Ken - Louisville, KY
  • This was used as the theme song to the TV show Dave's World, which ran from 1993-1997 on CBS. Like Joel's "My Life," Billy didn't sing the version used on the show. The version of "You May Be Right" on Dave's World was sung by Southside Johnny.
  • The Chipmunks covered this song on their 1980 album Chipmunk Punk. Joel says he thought it was great.
  • Joel tends to prefer his more obscure songs over his hits, but "You May Be Right" is one of his favorites. Speaking with Stephen Colbert in 2017, he listed it as one of his Top 5.

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  • Tania from Brisbane, AustraliaGarth Brooks used to do a version of this in his concerts during the early 1990’s (at least), it’s WELL worth the listen!
  • Jim from London, OnAllison, I never thought of it 'til you suggested it, but this song DOES have a Rolling Stones flavour.
  • Allison from Allentown, PaDoes anybody else thing that this song sounds like the Rolling Stones? I seriously thought that they sang it up until a few days ago when I found this song on my dad's iTunes...
  • Drew from B\'ham, AlI personally believe most people in the world have a lunatic side & just have a time of wanting to burst it out of its shell and let it flow freestyle! LOL. I, for one, call that "adventurous". Do I have any witnesses?
  • Val from Des Moines, Iai love billy joel songs
  • Lolo Brown from Gertrude, Bahamasi efffing love this song sooooo much! my favorite line is " but it just may be a luuuunatic you're looking for!" ahaha story of my life...i swear! lol i looove this song sooo much!
  • Ken from Louisville, KyThis was one of the first songs Joel did in concert where he didn't play keyboards. He copied Roger Daltry and Robert Plant by using the mic stand as a prop when he sang this live.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyIn the 1950's and 1960's, Brooklyn's "Bedford-Sty" (Bedford and Suyvesiant Streets) neighborhood was considered the most dangerous in the U.S. Hence the line "I walked through Bedford-Sty alone".
  • Beth from Pittsburgh, PaI never get tired of hearing this song.
  • Mike from Hueytown , Al" Turn out the lights , don't try to save me " hahahaha
  • Mark from Jonesboro, ArI seem to remember Billy Joel saying in an interview that the glass house pictured on the album cover was actually his own house.
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