Love Is On The Way

Album: The First Wives Club soundtrack (1996)


  • This was the first single released by Billy Porter, who is better known as a Broadway actor - in 2013 he won a Tony award for his role in the musical Kinky Boots. He was studying vocal technique with Tina Shafer, who wrote this song with Peter Zizzo (her ex-husband), and Denise Rich. Shafer asked him to record the song, and its big break came when it was showcased at a party Rich had for Bette Middler. As Porter sang, Middler handed Shafer a note on a cocktail napkin: "Can you please submit this song to The First Wives Club?"

    "I had tried for years to get songs to Bette Midler, banged on the door and nothing ever happened," Shafer told us. "And here we were at this party and we sung the song at the party thinking no one's ever going to listen to us, and she was listening. That is really how I got my first break, is through Bette Midler and Billy Porter singing that song."

    The song was used in the movie, appeared on the soundtrack, and was released as a single with two versions: the "radio version" and the "R&B version."
  • Tina Shafer tells us that the songs she writes all have a deep meaning for her. Explaining the inspiration for this one, she said: "I came into the studio with the introduction to that song. I had some thoughts and feelings about moving on in my life. I had recently gone through a breakup, and that was the seed of that song. Peter (Zizzo), when we wrote together, I would come up a lot with the verses and he would come in with a killer chorus, which he certainly did with that song."
  • The song gained even wider appeal when Celine Dion included it on her 1997 album Let's Talk About Love, which went on to sell over 30 million copies worldwide.


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