Devil In A Midnight Mass

Album: Billy Talent II (2006)


  • This song is about a priest who molests children. He asks forgiveness for his sins, but is denied:

    The Holy Water in his hands
    Could never wash away his sins
    Suggestion credit:
    Ryan - Ottawa, Canada
  • When we spoke with Billy Talent's frontman Ben Kowalewicz in 2016, he revealed how this tune was created. "'Devil in a Midnight Mass' has that crazy distorted guitar riff at the beginning," he said. "It was dark and evil so that's how that song came about. It's ironic in a lot of ways because that movie Spotlight that just came out was about what we talked about 10 years ago, and I think it's great that they exposed it on a giant scale. It was a good film as well."
  • This song contains one of the more notoriously misheard lyrics in the Billy Talent canon. Ben Kowalewicz told us that a friend of his brother-in-law came up to him after the album was released and said, "Man, that 'Devil in a Midnight Mass' song, that's my jam, man! 'Friday night for the rest of my life!' I relate to that, man!'"

    The actual lyric is "Silent night for the rest of my life," so Ben broke the news to him: "It's about priests molesting children, so maybe that's not your 'jam.'"

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  • Dennis from Toronto, OnSpecifically the Priest in California. Video was filmed in an Anglican Church who need the Pipe Organ fixed.
  • V-starr from ??????, Mii like this song... if it wasn't for mcr, i wouldn't know who this alwsome band existed
  • Bob from Ottawa, Canadathis song is about a priest who molests children i learned that on thier site
  • Carrie from -------, MsFor all those who dont like it- I want to see you make a better song. They are way more talented than most bands. Its not just taken from a newspaper or whatever. And their lyrics are very poetic and good.
  • Emma from Brisbane, AustraliaThis song is toatlly awesome i love the talent (billy talent)WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  • Scotty from Spokane, WaThe song is about the priests and sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. And only now do I realize somebody else has already posted this, so nevermind.
  • Graeme from Carluke, ScotlandI read it was only 150... but that's still a lot. And, Billy Talent said that, so it's true.
  • Sabine from Cologne, GermanyI think Billy Talent did great with the Song. As already said it is about a priest who abused a lot of children... The Music(Melody) represents such a horroble thing in an convincing way...Like that Song and his intention...
  • Damien from Edmonton, CanadaIt's about a boston priest who molested 350 children.
  • Ashley from Edmonton, CanadaThey are a political band. They write about things that make them, and many others 'tick'. I find the way the song sounds suitable, because child abuse can make one angry.

    As for Billy Talent's career, they've been playing for more than 10 years as a band. They've *just* made it big. I'd say it's just the beginning for them, unless Ben decides to give it up.
  • Sean from Plymouth, MiI actually liked it. Very energetic.
  • Douglas from WaterlooFar as I'm concerned, this song was the beginning of the end for Billy Talent.
  • Brandon from Saskatoon, Canadaya it's actually kind of annoying how billy talent just takes an article out of the newspaper and makes a song out of it and then through the song they make it seem like such a huge thing with loud music. they did the exact same thing with nothing to lose. these may be serious things, but think about it... like... whoa
  • Clare from Hmilton, CanadaThis song is specifically about the abuse within the catholic church
  • Mark from Ontario, CanadaThe song is about Child abuse, mainly Sexual abuse of children.
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