Tattooed on My Heart

  • This gospel-tinged tune finds Bishop Briggs reflecting on the powerful memories of a past relationship.

    And if I've known, if I've known, if I've known, if I've known you'd rip it apart
    Oh I wish I didn't get your name tattooed on my heart

    In the same way that a tattoo is a permanent reminder of an ex, Briggs cannot erase the memories of her former lover from her heart.
  • Briggs said: "I have lots of tattoos - too many to count. I have tattoos that remind me of him or tattoos we got together but I truly don't regret any of them. Seeing them on my body brings back countless memories and lessons – they're reminders of my being.

    But the one tattoo that feels different than all of the ones on the outside is the one sitting on my heart and this thought process is where my new song, 'Tattooed On My Heart,' was born. I'm still waiting for the day that it'll begin to dissolve but for now, I'll just sing about it."
  • The song was produced by Jonny Coffer, who has also worked with Naughty Boy ("La La La") and Beyoncé ("Runnin' (Lose It All)").
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