Little Secret


  • Black Country Communion frontman Glenn Hughes found himself battling drug addiction at the height of his professional success in the mid-'80s when he was the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath as well as playing bass and performing vocals for some of the later Deep Purple lineups. He penned this bluesy song about those difficult times for BCC guitarist Joe Bonamassa to sing, but he ended up performing the vocals himself.

    Hughes explained to "The first really slow song I've ever written, and I wrote it for Joseph to sing. 'I want you to write a song about a little secret,' he told me, and I wrote about my relapses with drugs and a lot of painful stuff. We're talking about a very intense period. Let's just say that I went from this really euphoric time – when I experimented a bit...or a lot, shall we say – but I wanted Joe to sing about it. When I went in to do a rough vocal just to show Joe the song, he was blown away and said, 'No way, man. This is your song.' He was talking about the lyrics, on one hand, but he also had something else in mind. 'Everybody knows I'm a blues singer,' he said, 'but this is your chance to sing a blues track. Go for it.' I love performing it. It's a very honest song. In fact, it might be my favorite on the whole album. Like the title says, it's about secrets, and I'm a man who doesn't want to have any secrets from anybody anymore. The weight's too much. I need emotional freedom."


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