Album: Ants From Up There (2021)
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  • The world's first supersonic airliner, the Anglo-French Concorde operated from 1976 until 2003. It could reach maximum speed over twice the speed of sound (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), taking less than half the time of other airliners to cross the Atlantic. This song finds lead singer Isaac Wood using several Concorde metaphors to describe his love for his heart's desire.
  • When a Concorde sped past, glinting momentarily in the sun, onlookers would follow it in the sky. During the chorus, a doting Wood compares the brief sight of the supersonic plane to how he would chase up a mountain to catch a glimpse of his love interest.

    And you, like Concorde
    I came, a gentle hill racer
    I was breathless upon every mountain
    Just to look for your light
  • Black Country, New Road released "Concorde" as the third single from Ants from Up There on November 30, 2021. Air travel is a recurring lyrical theme throughout the record, inspired by the Cambridge band's shared childhood memory of visiting their local Duxford Air Museum. The album title refers to the appearance of people while viewed from a plane - they look like ants.
  • "Concorde" is one of the softer tracks on Ants From Up There and follows the same chord progression all the way through. Multi-instrumentalist Georgia Ellery contributes mandolin to add some sparkle to the tune's basic harmonic structure. "We added mandolin to change the sound world and to provide a snappy and spiky element to the song," BCNR told Consequence Of Sound. "With Georgia melodically meandering around the form, it gave the tune a bit of unpredictability that kept it feeling fresh."
  • Director Maxim Kelly originally took inspiration from sci-fi B-movies like The Creature From The Black Lagoon for the video. After Kelly came up with the basic concept, the band suggested some ideas, such as making the protagonist an ant man. "On the surface, the concept was straightforward, a walking video: An Ant from 'up there' sings Concorde," said Kelly. "But, for a band who namecheck everyone from Scott Walker to Kanye West, and the pronounced mix of genres in their music, it felt right to take an analogous approach with the visuals. Throw as many references together as possible and see if we, too, could get it all to hold together as a piece."
  • Black Country, New Road had a long list of titles before coming up with Ants From Up There. "We also considered 'bug stuff,' 'lifting up a log' and seeing a tiny little wood louse,' 'I've seen bugs,' and a close second 'bird song,'" bassist Tyler Hyde told Mojo magazine. "A lot of the music is kind of buggy, I think. So it came round to a title that actually made a bit of sense."


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