Junior's Eyes

Album: Never Say Die! (1978)


  • This song was dedicated to Ozzy Osbourne's father, who died in 1977. >>
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    Christopher - Lawrenceville, GA

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  • Cindy from Pure DeliriumSABBATH FREAKIN RULES!!! Even with a slow song. You can hear and feel Ozzys pain.
  • Tony from Bewdley, United KingdomI can also confirm that this song is about Ozzys father. I met one of Ozzys sisters on a holiday in FISHGUARD years ago and she was telling me about the album before it was actually released. I must also say that 50% of this album stands up but there really is some s--t on there!
  • Carlos from San Francisco, CaThe first time I heard Never say die! album, I got so amazed. This is one of the most beautiful albums I ever heard in my life. Ahh.. but I'm not a rookie.
    I was born into a family of rock lovers, I'm a drummer since I was 16 years old, raised listening to Black Sabbath, Deep P. Emerson L&P, Colosseum II, King Crimson,Alan P. Vangelis, and then I got totally into heavy metal etc. Believe me, Never Say Die! doesn't need anything from any other album, Is Unique!!! truly a one of the must amazing albums in history.
  • Daz from Walsall, West Midlands, EnglandTotally agree with Neil about the Never say Die album. Under-rated. Problem with it from my point of view was not the songs themselves, but the production and sound. If this album had been recorded in let's say 'Sabbath bloody sabbath' style, it would have gone down a lot better. But that was not to be. As for Junior's Eyes, it was indeed about Ozzy's father. I know this cos Ozzy told it me himself in 1992 in his kitchen when I lived with his family. (Long story!!). He'd just bought The Ozzy Osbourne Years and he put it on. having not heard some of the songs for years, I had to remind HIM which song was which. lol.
  • Lester from New York City, NyTruly one of my favorite songs ever. Underappreciated.
  • Neil from Liverpool, U.k., EnglandI read somewhere once that Bill Ward (Sabs drummer) was entirely responsible for the composition of this great song..dunno if its true or not, but, this song contains one of Iommi's most emotive emotional solo's ever, and 'Never say die' is a very undervalued album, in fact, 'Air dance' from that lp is probably their most underrated overlooked track.
    As for the above comment about Ozzy's dad...who, upon hearing the first Sabs lp for the first time, said to his son 'Son, are you sure youre only drinking the occasional beer?'...well, the song came out in 1978, so this well could be true. If it is, thanks for the info!

    Anyone who has AIM and wants to talk Sabbath, send an IM to NEIL SUPERNAUT.

    Great track, check it out!
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