Sweet Leaf

Album: Master Of Reality (1971)


  • This song is about marijuana, and makes little attempt to disguise it. The band did a lot of marijuana and many other drugs around this time.
  • This was the song that coined the phrase "Sweet Leaf" as slang for marijuana. They got the name from a pack of Irish Cigarettes that said "It's the sweet leaf." They thought that Sweet Leaf was a great description of marijuana, and the entire band wrote the song together. >>
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    Brett - Edmonton, Canada
  • The sound at the beginning is Tony Iommi coughing after inhaling marijuana smoke from a bong.
  • Godsmack covered this on the 2000 Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity In Black II.
  • The guitar riff was taken from Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention's "Hungry Freaks, Daddy." This riff can also be heard at the end of the Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Give It Away" and is the basis for the song "Rhymin' and Stealin'" by The Beastie Boys. >>
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    mike - Asheville, NC
  • A Sabbath tribute band from Denmark is named Sweet Leaf.
  • This has been covered by Next Step Up, Stock Mojo, Garbage, Ancient, Ugly Kid Joe, Butthole Surfers, Mogwai, Stereolab, Agent Steel, Pimpadelic, Cadaver, and Widespread Panic. >>
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    Brett - Edmonton, Canada

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  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationTaken from Original Rolling Stone 'Master of Reality' LP Review By Lester Bangs [November 25, 1971]: "Sweet Leaf," for instance, shows that Black Sabbath have the balls to write a song celebrating grass this late date, and the double entendre, if you can even call it that, is much less tortuous than it would have been in 1966, with an added touch of salvation from grosser potions: "My life was empty forever on a down/Until you took me, showed me around ... Straight people don't know what you're about..."
  • Tony from Bewdley, United KingdomI really can't believe people think this song could be about Ozzys wife...and anyway it wouldn't have been Sharon as some morons suppose, it would have been HIS FIRST WIFE if anyone.
  • John from Brownsvalley, Cai looked up this song thinkin " ahhh finally a song everybodys gonna agree on" oh how wrong i was
  • Luke from Sc, Scsome people are stupid this song is obviously about weed, and randy rhoads wasn't with ozzy yet he was still with quiet riot. duh! come on people this is metal history 101!
  • Reed from New Ulm, MnMaybe it's about his marajuana wife...LOL
    seriously though, it's a great song!
  • Thomas from Somerville, AlMy absolute favorite Sabbath song. A worthy tribute to one of Gods greatest gifts to mankind. Long live the Sweet Leaf!
  • Caitlyn from Vancouver, BcI heard on the radio that the song was written about BC pot when they were hear for a concert
  • Jason from Denver, CoThe title of the song comes from a pack of Irish cigarettes Geezer Butler had called 'Sweet Afton' there was a slogan on the side which read 'It's the sweet leaf'. He took it from there.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandKevin, eirie - This is Black Sabbath, Randy Rhodes wasn't on this song.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandI think Alenjandro's just a troll here to wind people up.
  • Scott from Crown Point, Inalejandro the song's about pot, in the greatest hits 1970-1978 booklet it says the songs about the band's love of weed. the booklet was written by the band
  • Alan from Buffalo, NyYou are wrong about the riff it was never did by frank zappa it was never done by anyone but Tony Iommi where did you get that from?
  • Alejandro from Raleigh, NcYOU ARE ALL WRONG. I think it is quite obvious that this song is about the real sweet leaf...the maple leaf. Yes, this this song reflect's Ozzie's love of nature's sweetest leaf and its wondrous yield of sweet, sweet maple syrup. It also shows the bands appreciation of Canada and its exports.
  • Rocco from , CanadaMike From dayton, Rhoads would not be in a storlloer when master of reality came out. Rhoads was born in 1956 master was released in 1971 he would have been 15 at the time
  • Claudio from Belo Horizonte, Brazilthe line "SMOKE IT GET HIGH" is from "killing yourself to live"
  • Robert from Gardena, CaOMFG, this tune is about canibus sativa, weed, grass, mota, buds, yesca, aka MARIJUANA. You have to be an ignorant, close-minded person to not CLEARLY see this. Saying it's not about weed is like telling me 2+2=5 and I'm like , ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. There's so much evidence that this song is about weed, you can't even question it, everything from the coughing, to the lyrics, and hell, even the damn song title!?!?!?! Whoever thinks this song is not about weed is straight up mental, or in a different world, straight TRIPPIN'!
  • Shawnna from Coconut Creek, FlI've been to four ozzfests, and this song IS about marijuana. He said as much on stage and invited people to "light up" ..yea. :)
  • Kara from Cadillac, MiWhat are you people - on dope? You'd have to be if you think this song is about Ozzy's wife. this song is clearly about marijuana. Even us straight people know that. it's not that hard of a concept to grasp. By the way, Ozzy didn't write it, Bill Ward did (Ozzy was probably too stoned to put words together in a sentence), he wasn't with Sharon when it was written and Randy Rhoades (sadly deceased and dearly missed) was his guitar PLAYER, not his guitar. Think you got it now? Put down the joint and at least try. Rob
  • Maich from Toronto, Canada'Tis a sad world indeed in which one must LOOK UP the meaning to a song entitled, "Sweet Leaf." 'Tis much sadder when people think that "Come with me now and you will not regret" changes the meaning of the song to his wife.
  • Mike from Dayton, OhWhy all of the Randy Rhodes comments? Randy was still in a stroller when Master of Reality was released!By the way hands down Sabbaths greatest Album,by far.The entire album has a really good dark sludgy groove to it,minus Embryo & Solitude.
  • A from Fdsafds, AustraliaUh, just for the record, its not about ozzy's wife, geezer wrote lyrics, and Randy Rhoads played with ozzy, not black sabbath.
  • Fyodor from Denver, CoSome folks think even the most innocent song is about drugs; others evidently think the most obvious drug reference is about anything but! LOL!! Even Freud once said, y'know, sometimes a cigar is just a good smoke...
  • James from Hazlet , Nmkevin the song is about how they love and use weed and randy roads was ozzys guitar during his solo career
  • Kevin from Erie, PaThis song is about reefer and how the band met it around the 70's. Randy Rhodes is awesome on the guitar. DO you think this song has anything to do with EVIL WOMAN?
  • J Osborne from Birmingham, EnglandThis song is whatever you want it to be about man!
  • Matt from Uniontown , PaThis song has also been covered by Godsmack
  • James from Newton, MaThis exerp from the song proves it is about marijuana:
    "Straight people don't know
    What you're about
    They put you down
    And shut you out
    You gave me to a new belief
    And soon the world will love you
    Sweet Leaf"
    Straight people are people who don't do drugs.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis is just about my favourite Black Sabbath song, next to Planet Caravan
  • Ravyn from Hell, Nythis is NOT a bout Marijuana, and its not about his wife...

    Taken from a pack of Irish Ciggeretts that said "It's the Sweet Leaf"
  • Dyas from Cardiff, WalesThere is absolutley no evidence wotsoever that this song is about sharon...well unless the cough signifies ozzy choking on a pube! Its about Skunk and the bands passion for it.

    Its either Geezer or Bill but on the black sabbath Vol 1 DVD they say "the song sweet leaf is about marajuana" or something to that effect.
  • Robert from Chicago, Ilwhoever says this is about Sharon is completly wrong. this song blatently puts it out that this is about marijuana. Sharon never liked and still does not like him. she is only after his money. if your saying now that she helped him get back on the right track, think about it. she only started helping him after he was fired from the band, stowed away, high, and drunk in his hotel room and NOT MAKING HER MONEY.
  • Jordan from Renton, WaHow is it about his wife? his coughing in the beginning obviously tells you it's about weed. Plus the name of the song is sweat leaf.
  • Michael Picard from Lapwai, IdThis is really heavy and distortioned to the max. A very classic starting off song for Master of Reality. It's a Massive song!!
  • Alican from Istanbul, Turkeyin a cocert red hot chili peppers played this song right after give it away because the last part of give it away simply has the same chords with sweet leaf. mojo selected sweet leaf as the greatest track of tony iommy, who was selected nineteenth greatest guitarist of uk. firt was...
    of course jimmy page!
  • Steve from Louisville, KyChanges was on vol. 4, from '72 (I think). Sharon didn't come into the picture until the early 80's, after he'd left Sabbath.
  • Kevin from Salinas, Cathis song is so about marijuana you can even hear in the end of the song people smoking the song rocks i am not a big fan of ozzy but black sabbath was way better when ozzy was with them.
  • Quicksilver from Santa Cruz, Cai agree whith tokie
  • Will from Portland, OrJUST KIDDING!
  • Will from Portland, OrI think this song is about nature, and Ozzy Osbournes great love of the rainforest.
  • Tokie from Mexico City, MexicoHe dosen't say smoke it get high. the lines are Come and try it out. Won't you try out the sweet leaf.
  • Tokie from Mexico City, MexicoNO it's not about his wife! He met her in 73-74 this song was writen in 71 on master of reality. Changes is about Sharon this is about Weed the cough and the lines i love you sweet leaf though you can't hear.
  • Robb from Hamburg, NyHonestly that is a very distinct cough, as this was about Sabbath's love for marijuana. They however did not start doing more potent drugs untill when they started recording their 4th LP, Black Sabbath Vol. 4
  • Scott from Camp Hill, Panot to mention the line that says "SMOKE IT GET HIGH" in the middle of the somg before the sollo
  • Joe from Weatherly, PaI don't think it is about his wife man just listen to the line "i love you sweet leaf though you can't hear" and the cough in the beginning what is that about the name of the song alone gives it away I mean maybe there is dual meaning but doubtful check your sources and tell me where i can find that meaning
  • Lea from Woonsocket, Rithis song is actually not aobut marajuana it is about his wife and how he felt when she wasnt sure she wanted to be with him
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