Album: Black Veil Brides (2014)


  • Andy Biersack wrote this song with religion on his mind. He told Kerrang!: "I like to use religious images in mind, writing, I don't do it to try and beat controversal, but it serves my lyrical style well. As someone who grew up in a small town in the US, Christianity and, in my specific case, Catholicism, is so ubiquitous. It's a good cover-all for everything I've experienced."

    "I guess I would consider myself an atheist – I struggle with the idea of titles, but don't think I'm agnostic, because that's a bit of a copout. I don't believe in a traditional God," Biersack continued. "That said, I have a strong defence of religion where I feel I'm playing for their team, I just don't wear the same jersey. I have a deep love for the positives of religion can build; the feelings of hope and faith that many religions offer. I greatly dislike the 'atheist religion' for that reason; those people disregarded intelligence level of anyone who is a 'believer' – I don't agree with that."
  • The song finds Biersack singing:

    Behold the new hate, with all the same lost values.

    He explained to Kerrang!: "This was written when I saw a sign for an atheist's coalition. What do these guys do, get together to talk about how they don't believe in something? 'Faithless' is about not wanting to pray to God. But I refuse to be someone who has no hope, and makes fun of those whose beliefs are different to mine."

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  • Fallen Angel 00 from AlabamaI have grown up believing in god, and I still do.. But is it wrong to listen to Black Veil Brides because they don't believe in 'the traditional God'? This band has helped me through so much, but so has God. I'm just confused because a lot of my family has said they're satanic.
  • Festive Satan from fact. Most atheists don't get together to discriminate against others (hello witch hunts/Inquisitions/slavery/any time organized religion refers to non-believers). That's much of organized religion's job- the social stigma that to be a non-believer is wrong.
    Wonder who the atheists with allegedly hateful philosophies would've learned those from....HMMMM.
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