The Clock Ticks On

Album: Shadow of the Moon (1997)


  • "The Clock Ticks On" is the second track on the debut album Shadow of the Moon; running to 5 minutes 15 seconds, it is based on a classical theme.

    In an early interview with the Blackmore's Night German Fan Club, Ritchie said it was "the very first tune that Candice and I wrote together. I am obsessed by melodies that were written by Tielman Susatto in the 1500's and that is the main theme in the song."

    Another song that has the same claim to fame, i.e. being their first joint composition, is "Now and Then," but of that he said here that Candice wrote it, while he "just pinched a bit" of Bach's Prelude In C for the introduction.
  • Live on the A Knight In York album, "The Clock Ticks On" is introduced with the pair dueting - him on hurdy-gurdy, Candice on shawm. The theme of the song - the passage of time - is of course far from original, but it is Candice to a tee, mystical poetry set to beautiful music, with audience participation - a real crowd pleaser. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England


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