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Album: ADD (Audio Day Dream) (2007)
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  • This was co-written by Blake Lewis and Ryan Tedder of the Timbaland project OneRepublic. Ryan has also written and produced for Jennifer Lopez, Lil' Jon, Natasha Bedingfield, Hilary Duff and Leona Lewis among others. For the latter he co-wrote and producer her UK chart topper "Bleeding Love."
  • Blake Lewis told Entertainment Weekly about his album: "The album is going to be called ADD (Audio Day Dream). I like to call it the two-thousand-'80s, because all my musical influences have come from the '80s, like new wave, Michael Jackson, Prince, Sting, U2, New Order - all this great electro-pop. I'm heavily influenced by electronic music because I've been listening to it from about '93 to now."
  • In the same interview the American Idol runner-up was asked how much beat-boxing there would be on the album, to which Blake Lewis replied: "It'll have a hip-hop overtone. Beat-boxing will be throughout the whole album, as kind of a journey. When you start the album and you finish it, it'll be like an electronic or hip-hop mixtape. I call it my Michael Jackson Bad album, in the sense that every track on that album is Pop music but every single track is totally different than the next. He has his "Dirty Diana" and then he has his "Smooth Criminal," you know. The album's organic, but very mechanic at the same time - that's where the Audio Day Dream comes in."

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  • Evie from Sweet Valley, PaI love this song. It's got so many different ways to look at it.
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