Presence Of The Lord

Album: Blind Faith (1969)
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  • Eric Clapton wrote this song, which is a testimony of faith. It's the first song for which he wrote all the lyrics.
  • Steve Winwood sang lead, as he did with all of the Blind Faith songs. Even though it's a very personal song, Clapton made sure he wouldn't be the lead vocalist by writing it in a higher key than he could sing. He thought Winwood was a much better singer (most would agree), and wanted him on this track.
  • The song is about how Clapton was becoming more comfortable with his life. He had just left Cream at the peak of its popularity, and was looking forward to playing with Blind Faith. He wasn't too comfortable though: Clapton was fighting drug addiction and falling in love with George Harrison's wife, whom he would later marry.
  • Clapton called this a "song of gratitude." It was one of his first songs to explore spirituality, which he did on some of his solo tracks in the '70s. He said the message of this song was to "say 'thank you' to God, or whatever you choose to call Him, for whatever happens."
  • Blind Faith released just one album, and didn't issue any singles. The album was very successful, going to #1 in both the US and UK, but the band broke up after one difficult tour.
  • The album cover was a photo of a young girl with no clothes on holding a model spaceship. According to photographer Bob Seidemann, who shot the cover, he had the idea but did not have someone to pose. While riding the London subway, he saw a young girl who would be perfect and asked her to pose for the cover. He went to the girl's house to ask her parents' permission to pose topless for the cover. They agreed, but the girl backed out. However, the girl's younger sister begged the parents to let her pose instead. They agreed and the younger sister ended up posing for the cover. Seidemann called the image "Blind Faith" and Eric Clapton made that the name of the group. >>
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  • Patrick Ginter from Pasadena CaActually the song had something to do with a poster Ive heard Clapton tell the story but he must of forgotten or just doesn't want to talk about it but it had something to do with a lost poster from a Record store or something!
  • Savitri from UsBlind Faith wasn’t the name of the album until Clapton saw the picture of the girl. It seems to be congruent with the theme, if there is one (and if there may be any combined effort), that faith is what isn’t seen but known- Can’t find My Way Home... In The Presence Of The Lord. “Come down off your throne and leave your money, your body, alone”... no faith in what is only temporary. Then finding comfort, howbeit still so temporary, in one’s house... because a house is not a home. Sea of Joy- finding joy is not necessarily finding happiness, but having faith that we’ve set sail for some place where we may find joy... Do What You Like... Well Alright - ole Buddy Holly timely tune... the theme is congruently flowing with comfort, peace, love, and joy... and how can any of this last, at all, without having some faith, however blind it may be.
  • Joseph from Deer Park, NyCheck out my music video version of Blind Faith "Presence of the Lord."
  • John from Ashley, InThe US version had to skip the girl on the cover. All we got was a photo of the band standing inside a cottage, with everyone but Winwood holding the wrong instruments. At the time, I was much younger than the girl would have been, so I kind of looked up to her, but looking back, anyone can see she was pretty young.
  • Manuela from Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany...and I know I don't have much to give, but I can open any door.....

    reminds me of a wedding proposal

    man says that he has not much to offer (give) but he can make her happy

    everybody knows the secret, everybody knows the score......... a story which everybody knows but nobody talks about it?
  • Patrick from Philadelphia, PaAccording to Clapton's 2007 autobiogprahy, the lyrics are actually about the comfortable confines of Clapton's new home that he had purchased at the time, not necessarily about god. "I have finally found a place to live, like I never could before. And I know that I don't have much to give, but I can open any door"
  • John from Mount Laurel, NjPresence of the lord is by far my favorite song on this album, it has the most depth of feeling and the guitar work is incredible,
  • Fred from Laurel, MdActually, the girl on the cover wasn't just topless, but nude; also, she *wasn't* Ginger Baker's daughter -- see the comment by Gary of Seatlle on the other song from this album on this site, "Can't Find My Way Home"

  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaHow old was the girl's sister?
  • Josie from Funkytown, NcBlind Faith was a Supergroup made up of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker, and Ric Grech. This is their only album.
  • Evan from Fullerton, CaWhile the song is definitely great, the wah-wah guitar solo seems out of place. Maybe it's supposed to.
  • Yo from Sudbury,ontario, Canadapresence of the LORD=blind FAITH ironic ay
  • Tom from Washington, DcBlind Faith made their debut at a free concert in London's Hyde Park before 300,000 fans.
  • Steve from Troy, NyBlind Faith is in my top 5 albums.
  • David G. Franklin from Orlando, FlBlind Faith - a critical formative album for me...among the Revolver, Disraeli Gears, the Who Live at Leeds, The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    TOday it hit me listening to this song. Clapton had to write this (yes I should have known)! The guitar transitions, the pleading, weeping tone, the seeking, reaching out that it speaks, so deep and profound....

    It meshes perfectly with the topic of one wanting to be found, In the Presence of the Lord... in the comfort of the lost home....

    What Clapton was seeking after leaving the greatest band formerly known (Cream), hoping that this new home (Blind Faith) would last many lifetimes... like being in the Presence of the Lord.

    TO bad it didn't last, but this song possesses the most expressive guitar playing ever!

    From a similar seeking soul....


  • Matt from Philadelphia, Paactuley the band was named for claptons faith in the band, he was nervious about how they would do and he had really just "blind faith" for staying with it, al la blind faith
  • John from Barnsley, England...and its a great song with terrific guitar licks throughout the last verse.
  • David from Lubbock, TxThe topless picture on the album cover is Ginger Baker's(drummer) daughter.
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