Bring Out The Dead

Album: With Shivering Hearts We Wait (2011)


  • This hard hitting song is a track from With Shivering Hearts We Wait, the sixth album from Swedish post-hardcore band Blindside. Guitarist Simon Grenehed explained the inspiration behind the tune in an interview with Christian Rock: "I think musically it has riffs that just came out and they drive the whole song. It is the same riffs over and over. Lyrically, I'm not the lyricist in the band, but I know it's about dealing with your inner demons. Everybody has something we are ashamed about. At some point, you have to confront yourself, and confront it in front of the higher power. Sometimes it is scary to let go of these things that kind of hurt you. But, in some ways it defines who you are as a person. It is a tricky subject, but I think it is something that probably everybody can relate too."


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