All The Small Things

Album: Enema Of The State (1999)
Charted: 2 6


  • Guitarist Tom DeLonge wrote this for his girlfriend after she complained that he always writes songs about other girls. He was afraid it wouldn't be good so he kept telling her it was terrible. It ended up being a hit and she was very pleased with it. >>
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    Colin - Colbert, WA
  • According to DeLonge, the lyrics are true. His girlfriend really did leave him roses by the stairs after a long night in the studio.
  • The group performed this at both the 1999 and 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. At the 2000 performance, where this won for Best Group Video, a bunch of "little people" joined the band. Many of them danced on stage, and a few swung from wires while pyrotechnics exploded overhead.
  • Blink-182 bass player Mark Hoppus met Skye Everly, the woman who would become his wife, on the shoot for this video.
  • This song was used in the Simpsons episode when Bart got a "split" from Homer and moved into the row under Tony Hawk's skate/party room. >>
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    Britt - Tville, Australia
  • In 2010, Irish pop duo Jedward recorded their own version of the song on their album Planet Jedward. Their version reached #21 in the Irish singles charts. Hoppus told Spinner UK that he was happy for the former X-Factor finalists to cover the track. Said Hoppus: "I have heard the cover. It's funny 'cause all of a sudden on the online forums and my Twitter people started talking about this band covering 'All the Small Things' - it was everything from 'Finally a good band plays this song' to 'How did you guys ever let a band cover your song?' I think that bands can cover whatever songs - we never gave permission for them but I don't think we needed to, I think any band can cover anyone else's song." (If you're unfamiliar with Jedward, you can see them in action here. And Hoppus is correct, anyone can cover any song as long as they pay the mechanical licensing fee.)
  • Tom DeLonge admitted to NME in 2014 that he can no longer listen to this song. "It came on the radio the other day," he said, "and I was like, 'I sound like I'm f--king 11.'"

    "It's still played everywhere, but I don't know why," DeLonge added. "Blink has some really great songs that I think have legs to stand around for a long period of time. But that's not one of them and it haunts me!"

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  • Tomdelonges Girl from Californiawhy do they wear orange, green, and red and why is tom wearing fake teeth? and also why is that microphone there?
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhioI always thought this song had a hidden meaning and it was really about small penis sizes.. lol
  • Michael from Staten Island, NyThe first time I saw the music video, I freaked out, I didn't see what was coming.
  • Justing from Orlando , FlI hope it doesn't turn into a boy band
  • Tyler from Oswego, Il" this song is about sex.. "Keep your head still, I'll be your thrill, (Na, na...) the night will go on, the night will go on, (Na, na...) my little windmill" a.k.a blow me!
    - Will, Lucan, Canada "
    AHAHAHAHA Good point there lol, love this song, kind of funny what will said, :D. This song can bring out good memories in a relationship too though :).
  • Angel from Los Angeles, Ca,I Loove this Song!!! It's my fave by blink. I'm sooo happy they've gotten back 2gether!! Maybe when their future album drops I'll have a new fave!
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaThe first time my brother heard this song he was only 5 i was 3 i think but it all started when my cuzin was playin music and he said your gunna love this song and we stil do today
  • Colin from New Egypt, NjThis song is a ripoff of "My Brain is Hanging Upside down" By The Ramones
  • Zach from Ivins, Utwell Jason, Eberdeen, WA should be shot this is my favorite modern band ever its what made me listen to Punk Rock haha and yeah i am all for it and its cool that its true and definetly not manufactored it started out small and then they added Travis (which honestly MADE this band in my opinion) . and just to clear things up it was originaly to be called Blink but there was one out there so it was blink 182 i dont remember what the 182 means right now but its there and haha BLINK 182 broke up because.... haha just ask one of them there is alot of hated passion towards tom
  • Izzy from Palo Alto, Cawhy DID blink-182 break up? i have absoloutly no clue. if someone would shed light on this subject, i would really apreciate it...
  • Paul from Zion, IlWhy do they have info on songs that are so obvious like this one yet they have nothing on songs that aren't all that clear? Also, why do they have so much on a band like this but not much on actual good bands. Oh, and i don't see why when blink 182 broke up people acted like a real band broke up, i mean come on, it was for the best.
  • Bill from Somewhere, Canotice he (the singer) painted his fingers in the video...damn emo people with their gayness
  • Sharon from Aucklandok, i liked this song until i read this i realized what it was about.
  • Spencer from Equinunk, PaI've always loved this song. The first time I heard it I memorized it! An instant classic! One of my favorite songs!
  • Will from Lucan, Canadathis song is about sex.. "Keep your head still, I'll be your thrill, (Na, na...)
    the night will go on, the night will go on, (Na, na...)
    my little windmill" a.k.a blow me!
  • Melissa from ToledoI love this song! It is so much fun. I love Blink and I really hope they get back together cuz I miss them! They need to get back together, the music world needs them! Love ya Blink
  • Travis from Las Vegas, NvYo this song will always be a number one hit. Blink 182 kicks ass and will always be remembered
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI love this song so much. It is a special song in a sense that all the small things can make the biggest difference, like leaving roses by the stairs.
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis is a good and funny song. It's funny how they make fun of pop in the music video.
  • Kyle from Allentown, PaThis song was used on he radio talk show The Glen Beck Program. During the chorus the say na na na na na na go Glen Beck.
  • Jayson from Herenesate, MsOk, this explaination involves the music video. It is about they small things between each band members legs. Yes, they all have very small penis', and thats why they run around naked in the video. All that they see is small things. This is a true story.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandthis song is AMAZING!!! the vid is funny. i think its great. i dont think any of em are hot so jason from eberdeens is on a bout. they were a band, they made music because they enjoyed it and wanted to entertain people, not too be like a pop type band and just be icons.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI like this song a lot. It means to me that even the small things like leaving roses by the stairs, make a difference some way or another. Blink is SOOOOOOOO hot!!!!!!!! I cant believe they broke up!!! WHyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  • Fungus from Here, ScotlandUhh, blink 182 met at school(well, not travis), so thats not really "manufactured"
  • Yasmin from Canberra, AustraliaLee, turns out we did hear the backstreet boys again. I think you jinxed it. This is such a good song, a lot of people just judge music by the looks of things but they never notice the music, I think its just sad.
  • Christine from Austin, TxAll Blink 182 songs are the same. Girls just like them like any other band today because they're hot. Instead of All the Small Things more like ALL THE SAME THINGS!!!!
    - Jason, Eberdeen, WA

    I love blink-182 and i didnt even think they were hot until 3 years after i started listening to them so dont say thats the only reason girls listen to them! The fact that theyre hot is just an added bonus girls get but even if they werent hot, id love them just the same!
    All the small things is an awesome songgg!!
  • Jason from Eberdeen, WaAll Blink 182 songs are the same. Girls just like them like any other band today because they're hot. Instead of All the Small Things more like ALL THE SAME THINGS!!!!
  • Mitja from Maribor, Australiaall the small things was written for toms girlfriend
    blink rocks
  • Katie from , MiI heard this album was almost named "Turn Your Head and Cough."
  • Kegor from Ft Mcmurray, CanadaI absolutely LOVE blink 182! Tom DeLonge is the hottest guy on earth!! except in the "i miss u" video... he's sort of ugly on that 1... but on all the small things he is sooo hot!! :)
  • Lee from Leeds, EnglandThis took the piss out of "The Backstreet Boys" and bands alike who had doubted them.Blink 182 are still going strong.i dont think well be hearing from the Backstreet boys again
  • Margie from Franklin Square, NyAll the small things is such a cool was big for so long and even now i still listen to it....well i still listen to everything blink writes and sings because BLINK 182 IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD AND TOM DELONGE IS SO HOT!
  • Keith from Chicago, IlThis video is a parody of sorts on the Backstreet Boys song "I Want It That Way". I had the misfortune of watching the BBBoys' video at a bowling alley when some idiot decided to play it on the monitors that weren't being used.
  • Marla from Syracuse, Nyarkady, mark's girlfriend was Skye Everly... in fact, he married her and they had a baby recently. he calls her Skyelee on some of their live performances though.
  • Arkady from London, EnglandErm...Marks girlfriend wasn't Skye Everly?

    It was Skye Lee...
  • Jay from Cheshire, CtTom couldn't think of lyrics to put in the song, so thats why there are the NA NA's.
  • Iris from Nashua, NhDrummer Travis Barker used 5B size drumsticks :) another random bit of useless info for you all...
  • Weng from Los Angeles, Ca"'All The Small Things' is a song I wrote for my girlfriend while we were recording. I had to write her a song, because I wrote songs about other girls, but I haven't written one for her. So I was kinda getting some heat for that. Not really though, because I love my girlfriend, so I was like, 'I need to write a rad song' because I was scared - if the song came out bad, my girlfriend would be pissed. So I kinda warned her that it would come out bad. Then it came out good, so I was happy. But the lyrics are totally true in that song - 'She left me roses by the stairs.' I remember I came home late one night about midnight and she left roses on the stairs because I was working late every night in the studio. It's a song for everyone to have sex by."
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