Anthem, Pt. 2

Album: Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (2001)


  • This song is about authority and how if your parents make bad decisions they come back to haunt you. >>
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    Myles - Morecambe, England
  • This follows the same theme as blink-182's song "Anthem" from their 1999 album Enema Of The State.

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  • Sarah from San Luis Obispo, CaI love this song.. It always inspires me when I'm feeling low... :) Makes me want to just go out there and be who I am
  • Tim from Utica, NyI love this song, but i dont see how it has to do with living in the suburbs and waiting to turn 21. maybe waiting for 18 and voting and people listening to what u have to say?
  • Sashana from Nowhere, United Statesawesome, i can really realte to it and i love the like line, "If we're ****** up, you're to blame."
  • Ben from Niagara Falls, NjNumber one song ever
  • Kelly from Edmonton, Wythis the best song ever
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