The Only Thing That Matters

Album: California (2016)
  • The band hated Mark Hoppus' original version of this song, but changed their minds after he rewrote the bass part. Producer John Feldmann recalled to Fuse: "Mark originally had this cow punk, Social Distortion but in the Country-iest way that none of us felt a connection to at all. It had this yeehaw-vibe to it but none of us hated the music or the melody, we just didn't connect to it then. Mark had the song mapped out and then he went back and re-wrote the whole thing and it became a song we all loved."
  • Mark Hoppus told NME: "John (Feldman, producer) got it in his head that the bass and the drum parts together made it sound like country punk, so we changed it slightly. It is a really cool, fast song that will be fun to play live."


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