The Party Song

Album: Enema Of The State (1999)
  • This song is about a girl who a guy thinks he would like, but after she talks to him and she tries too hard to be with him, he doesn't want her any more: "Now I'd rather go dateless than stay here and hate this." She wears lots of make up and tries to make herself look attractive, without much success: "Her volume of makeup, her fake ti*s were tasteless." >>
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    Gabe - Borger, TX
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  • Dj from Hope, NjOne of my favorite things about this song, and I'll admit right up front that it is in a vein of humor more appropriately suited to what one would expect from a 6th grade boy, but the fact that the band got a song played on main-stream commercial radio stations when the chorus to the song is, "vagina, vagina, vagina" is pretty a junior high school sort of way.

    I don't think guys ever lose their juvenile sense-of-humor, which is probably the reason women don't understand why so many guys still find The Three Stooges so funny.
  • Dj from Hope, NjI have to disagree a bit with Gabe's Songfacts post. It seems to me to be about a guy who goes to what is supposed to be a fun party looking to have a good time and if he's lucky, get laid. (the line, "maybe we'll watch the sun rise" meaning to spend the night and have sex with her)

    He meets a girl who is obviously really hot but after a few minutes with her he realizes she is so vain and shallow that he is more than willing to pass up the chance to have casual, hookup-type sex with her and would rather go home alone
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