Album: Silent Alarm (2005)
Charted: 26


  • It has been speculated that this song is about US president George W. Bush because of the lyrics "Just like his dad, the same mistakes" and "Are you hoping for a miracle?" but these claims have been denied by the band on multiple occasions. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Spencer - Los Angeles, CA
  • The word "Helicopter" is not used once in the entirety of the song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Shawn - Chehalis, WA
  • Steve Aoki, the founder of Dim Mak records, released Bloc Party's remix of Helicopter titled "Helicopter (Weird Science Remix feat. Peaches)" on his dance mix CD Pillow Face and His Airplane Chronicles. It was then released onto Bloc Party's "Helicopter." >>
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    Ali - Wine, CA
  • The Silent Alarm album title came from a New Scientist article Bloc Party read about concerning an earthquake detection system in Japan. The record presents itself as an early warning for seismic events to come.

Comments: 13

  • AnonymousIt's about racism, 'some things never change' 'just like his dad'
  • Matt from Moval, Cadefinately about Bush, and why is everyone mentioning that Helicopter isn't said its called a metaphor people, and lots of bands do this listen to Zeppelin and see if half of their song titles are mentioned in their songs.
  • Sven from Huntington Beach, Ca"European bastard child of guilt and shame"? Shame shame shame, Kele!
  • Thomas from Hasselt, Belgiumlooking at the new album, IMO its about bush anyway =p
  • Jessica from Newport, PaI've listened to this song a million times, I love it, but the only thing I can understand is "Better luck next time". I love how he says "better".
  • Henry from Baltimore, MdAll you can understand from the first listen is "Doesn't like choclate."
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, Flyeh, i noticed that not one time is this song does it mention the word "helicopter"....it's kinda like "Panic at the disco", all there song names have like nothing to do with their songs...
  • Shawn from Chehalis, WaI'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned that the word helicopter is not used once throughout the song
  • Lola from Norwich, United KingdomThis song might not be much in the way of lyrics ('as if to say he doesn't like chocolate' for example) but its really catchy and addictive!
  • Viktoria from Antwerp, Belgiumi think they, as an uk band can write about bush. because the iraq war effected whole the world, and tony helped bush (tony - uk)
  • Kama from Wichita, KsBut I think this song is bashing americans in general. Not JUST GWB.
  • Kama from Wichita, KsActually, a lot of people hate America right now, and I can see why.
  • Alex from Perth, AustraliaWhy would it be about GWB when they are a uk based band? The rest of the world doesn't care about america.
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