Any Man In America

Album: Any Man In America (2011)
  • This is the title track from Texan alternative rock band Blue October's sixth studio album. The record chronicles the deeply personal events that transpired in singer Justin Furstenfeld's life after the band's previous release. They include an emotionally draining custody battle over his daughter with his ex-wife, and being thrown into a mental hospital after the singer suffered a breakdown on an airplane. "These past few years have been hell," Furstenfeld told Noisecreep. "It's been such a tough time dealing with my mental breakdown and the custody issues. All of my friends just disappeared from my life. It was just me and my songs in the studio for two years straight. I was only seeing my daughter every two months for four days – and that's if she would show up. For example, I have to go pick her up tomorrow morning in Nebraska and bring her back to Texas for seven days. But she called me up this morning to say that she didn't want to be around me because of someone I've been seeing. I felt like saying, 'I already bought the tickets. That's your college fund I'm using up.' I feel a little strange being this honest with you, but I know there are a lot of men going through the same thing as I am right now."
  • Furstenfeld's vocals on this song and the rest of the album are a mixture of fragility and power similar in style to the singing of Peter Gabriel. The Blue October founder told Noisecreep that the British artist has been an influence on him. He said: "I grew up on his solo stuff and I've always been a huge fan of his voice. He has a really great way of being dramatic but not too personal. He's kind of vague in his delivery. Sometimes I scream at my radio, 'Dude, just say it! What's her name, what's her number and where does she live?' But that's not Peter [laughs]. I've always been into songwriters that call people out on their s--t. But if you're going to do that as a writer, you have to be willing to point the finger right back at yourself too. I definitely have no problem doing that."
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