The Universal
by Blur

Album: The Great Escape (1995)
Charted: 5
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  • This song is about a drug (perhaps Prozac) that provides artificial happiness. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tiffani - Winnipeg, Canada
  • At the time of the release of this song, "Britpop" was attempting to encapsulate all things British in its music and thus create a sort of soundtrack for the time. John Harris said in his book The Last Party: "Blur's 'The Universal' identified a condition of tranquilized (and very British) denial as the illness of the modern age."
  • The title came from the name of an 'Imagined successor to Prozac,' meaning one that reduces the suspicion that anything has gone wrong.
  • The video was based on the film A Clockwork Orange. However, at the time, guitarist Graham Coxon was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Blur's success and the direction in which their music was going. There was also some discord between him and the other bandmembers. When the video was being filmed he would frequently arrive for the shoot several hours late and rarely stayed for more than an hour. Alex James (bass) said: "We didn't think Graham was going to turn up. In most of that video, all the long shots Graham's in, it's not actually him." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Radhika - Melbourne, Australia, for above 3
  • The song was used to soundtrack British Gas' 2009 Planets advertising campaign and has since been used by the company for multiple commercials.

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  • Shane from Leicester, EnglandI dunno what the songs about lol But what chris sed sums it up... if u look at the vid u can seeits relating to that guys films lol the guy who did a clockwork orange i dnt no his name lol :D
  • Nicky from Southampton, EnglandThis song is awesome.
  • Chris from Halifax, CanadaI think the original post is more or less correct... It seems to be the pinnacle of the album itself which, let's not forget, is called "The Great Escape". "The Universal" seems to be referring to a kind of idealized "Great Escape" for everybody, whatever form it may take. The chorus is basically saying "if you're feeling down, just keep moving through life because it's only a matter of time before they come up with a way to make us all artificially happy".
  • Seb from Atmore, Alnot really sure what this one means....but still..BLUR ROCKS!!
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