Take The Country Out of Me

Album: See The Light (2007)
  • Bo Bice: "This is my favorite song on this album. It's about a lot of my favorite, favorite all-time southern rock folks on the Country scene who really paved the way for me to be able to come out and do this. It's really awesome. You can even do a yee-haw along with it if you want to."

    Bice names Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie Nelson, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Jim Peterik, and Jim Croce as some of his idols when he was growing up, among those whose music influenced his style.
  • Like his idols before him, Bice does his best to remain true to his fans, the people who put him on the musical map. "It's like everything else in my life," he says. "I believe in God, believe in faith, and that doesn't mean you should just sit back and wait for something to come to you. You just work hard, and there's been a lot of 'Karate Kid' incidents in my life, where it's kind of like 'wax on, wax off,' and all that good stuff. And I complained about it while I was doing it, but being able to sit where I am today, and have the blessings that I do right in front of me every day, I feel like I worked hard for it, but I also feel like I need to work hard for it every day. There's people out there in the world working hard every day, breaking their backs. And I just kind of break my back in a different way. And let me tell you something, mine's not hard work, if it wasn't for these fans we wouldn't have a gig. So first and foremost, the fans out there, we try and make them happy, and do the things that we know makes them smile. I think as long as we stay true to that and continue to do that, write consistent music that we're proud of, any project that we do, no matter how left of center it might be, then I'm still gonna be writing rock and roll and putting different things out there, just because I love music. And I don't discriminate against that. I think if you're true to yourself, your fans will see that, and they'll always stay true to you. It's not about selling records, it's about people understanding and getting it. And so we're blessed - very blessed to have this gig." (Read more in our interview with Bo Bice.)


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