Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi (Bongiovi)Vocals1983-
David SaboGuitar1983-1984
David BryanKeyboards1983-
Alec SuchBass1983-1994
Tico TorresDrums1983-
Richie SamboraGuitar1984-2013

Bon Jovi Artistfacts

  • Jon Bon Jovi used to be a janitor at the recording studio his cousin owned.
  • Jon's mother was a playboy bunny.
  • Sambora was married to actress Heather Locklear from 1994-2007. He also dated Cher in 1990.
  • Jon Bon Jovi has appeared in several movies, including Young Guns II, Moonlight And Valentino, Little City, Homegrown, and Pay It Forward. Sambora was in On The Line and Stayin' Alive.
  • In 2001, Jon Bon Jovi gave the commencement speech at Monmouth University in New Jersey. He also received an honorary degree.
  • Jon Bon Jovi is good friends with Wrestling Superstar Diamond Dallas Page. They are both from New Jersey. >>
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    helen bailey - canton , OH
  • Jon Bon Jovi's real name is John Francis Bongiovi. >>
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    arjun - ahmedabad, India
  • In 2000, they became the last band ever to play at the old Wembley Stadium in London.
  • Despite selling over 100 million records worldwide, Bon Jovi have never had a #1 single in the UK. In 2004, viewers of VH1 voted for the best songs never to reach #1. Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer" was #6 and "Always" was at #10. >>
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    julia - london, England, for above 2
  • Jon Bon Jovi's first professional recording was singing backup vocals on the Star Wars Christmas album back in 1980. He is credited on the record as Jon Bongiovi. He got the gig because his cousin Tony managed the studio where the album was recorded and had hired him as a janitor.
  • Sambora is colorblind to red, green, and brown. >>
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    kelsey - Des Moines, IA
  • Sambora has released 2 solo albums: Stranger In This Town in 1991 and Undiscovered Soul in 1998. >>
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    Gavin - Colchester, England
  • The band has a unique business relationship. Jon Bon Jovi is the only member signed to the record label, and the other members are considered his employees. This has worked out very well, as Jon makes the business decisions.
  • Jon Bon Jovi owns part of the Arena Football Team the Philadelphia Soul.
  • Alec John Such was fired from Bon Jovi in 1994 for poor live performances (although a "tell-all" interview he gave with Dave Ling may have played a part). Session musician Hugh McDonald has toured with Bon Jovi ever since. He had played on Bon Jovi's first single "Runaway" (as "Huey McDonald") and is credited on every album since These Days (1995). According to the Hugh McDonald website, Hugh has actually played on every Bon Jovi album since Slippery When Wet (1986). He is listed in the Thank Yous but not credited as the bassist.
  • Jon Bon Jovi has released two solo albums: Blaze of Glory (1990) and Destination Anywhere (1997). David Bryan has released two instrumental solo albums: On a Full Moon (1994) and Lunar Eclipse (2000). He has co-written several musicals including Memphis and The Toxic Avenger.
  • Tico Torres is also an artist who was held exhibitions for his paintings. He owns a fashion label that designs baby clothes. It's called Rock Star Baby. >>
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  • Regular collaborator Desmond Child who has co-written on every Bon Jovi album since 1986's Slippery When Wet, released his very own solo album titled "Discipline" in 1991. The lead single "Love On A Rooftop" peaked in the US top 40 and was followed by another two singles "You're The Story Of My Life" and the Maria Vidal duet "Obsession" Richie Sambora and Tico Torres appear on the title track and "According To The Gospel Of Love."
  • The band have had four US #1 albums: Slippery When Wet in 1986, New Jersey in 1988, Lost Highway in 2007 and The Circle in 2009.
  • Dave "The Snake" Sabo was the original guitarist for Bon Jovi. He lasted only a few weeks and was replaced by Richie Sambora. He went to form Skid Row a few years later.
  • The debut self titled album was originally going to be called "Tough Talk" but the record company insisted it simply be titled "Bon Jovi." Other working titles for subsequent albums are:
    "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - later became "Slippery When Wet"
    "Sons Of Beaches" - later became "New Jersey"
    "Revenge" - later became "Keep The Faith"
    "Not Bad For 5 Guys From New Jersey", "Free Beer", "Elvis Is Dead But We're Not" - joke titles by a mischivious Richie Sambora, the album was titled Cross Road
    "Open All Night" - became
    "Sex Sells" - became "Crush" when the song of the same name didn't work out and was dropped from the track list.
  • Tico Torres is 5'6" tall making him the short member of the band. Jon Bon Jovi is 5'10" and Alec John Such is 5"9." >>
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    Gavin Radcliffe - Colchester, United Kingdom, for above 5
  • Derek Shulman, who was an A&R rep at Mercury records, signed the band in 1982. From 1971-1980, Shulman was a member of Gentle Giant, a group that made very complex music that sounded nothing like Bon Jovi. Even though Gentle Giant never crossed over to the Pop charts, Derek developed an understanding of popular taste and what makes an artist successful. He told us: "I saw the drive and the ambition of Jon Bon Jovi, despite the fact that he could only sing 5 notes and most of them out of tune. However, I could see the drive that he had in him to make it." (Check out the full Gentle Giant interview with Derek and his brother Ray Shulman)

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  • Spf from NcThis is more of a question than a comment, but if you can help me witht he answer... I would appreciate it. Can you please tell me the guitarist's name that was in the video "Runaway" he is the one that played the RED electric guitar and was always on the right side of Jon Bon Jovi. I would love to see a picture then and now if anybody can help me with that. Thank you
  • Jeff from Lonsdale, MnJohn is a cousin of Robert Hegyes, who played Epstein on Welcome back Kotter.
  • Thomas from Youngstown, Ohalec john such (when still with bon jovi) also took a fall off his motorcle in the late 80's which forced him to play his bass in a completely different style, which might have caused something
  • Bobby from Nutley, NjJohn Francis Bongiovi lived at Robinhood lane in Sayerille, he attended Sayerville Highschool with a friend of mine Pat Donnelly. Pat knew Jon and Dorethea Hurly as well, Alec and Tico played together in a group called Phantoms Opera back in the early 80s, Jon was indeed a goffer at The Power Station in Mid-town Nyc. his uncle worked there as an engineer in recording bands like the Ramones and many others. Jon recorded Runaway at The Power Station, Jon is also a friend of Charlie Mills a local drummer who later played with SkidRow after Bash Boch left, Any other Questions?
  • Reynard Jusuf from Jakarta,What does Desmond Child bring to their songwriting? I've always been wondering about this. Does he make it sound more commercial? Does he help with the words? Chord progressions?
  • Lee-ann from Perth, AustraliaTyler - JBJ only has a very brief cameo in Young Guns II. If I recall correctly, it's the scene when Billy is helping his gang escape before the lynch mob comes. Jon gets shot and falls backwards.
  • Lee-ann from Perth, AustraliaPaul from Malibu - Dave's full name is David Bryan Rashbaum. Hugh McDonald was a session musician prior to joining Bon Jovi and still is when he's not touring and recording with them.
  • Tyler from Indio, Cawhat part is bon jovi in Young guns 2? i just watched it and i didn't see him
  • Mareen from Austin, TxI have listened to Bon Jovi since 1983 and his music had adapted to changes very well and continue to be a favorite group of many people including my 76 year old mother who wants togo see them in concert when they go to The Palace in Pontiac,Mi so there you go,proof of how many generations enjoy them.Continue as always.
  • Maria from Oulu, FinlandNo no. That's not reason Alec left because he tired to be famous. He get enough about BJ which puffed up, keep him weak bass player and dislikes everynotes what he play.
  • Maria from Oulu, FinlandAlec John Such, former Bon Jovi bassist, was born on November 14, 1956 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
    Alec is 1.75m tall.
    He is divorced from his first wife.
    Alec currently lives in Colts Neck, NJ. Before joining Bon Jovi, Alec played in bands such as Phantom's Opera (with Tico) and The Message (with Richie).
    Alec, who left the band in November 1994, collects antique guns for a hobby. He is so proud of his colllection that he even took one of his guns to a concert. He was stopped by the authorities and it took him hours to explain that he didn't mean any harm. Jon regarding the leaving of Alec John Such: "Of course it hurts. But I learned to accept and respect it. The fact that I'm a workaholic, studio in, studio out, stage on, stage off, want to be dealing with music day and night, doesn't mean everyone else has to adjust to that pace. Alec wanted to quit for a while now so it didn't come as a complete surprise".
    After the recording from"Crossroad", Alec John Such left the band; there are a lot of rumours about the cause of this break up. In an interview Alec supposedly said "I have enough of Jon, he's puffed up, he thinks that I'm a weak bassist, he dislikes each note I play...".
    More officially Jon said that Alec wasn't into it anymore and that he needed some time off for family and things, and that "a rock band is not a life sentence for us".
    Alec likes listening to AC/DC, Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin.
    He can talk Puerto Rican Chicano-Slang.
    Alec also likes horses and motorcycles. After he left Bon Jovi, Alec has managed a number of local Jersey bands and he also owns a bike shop in New York.
    Alec had a motorcycle accident in September 1996.
  • Calli from Sydney, AustraliaBon Jovi are playing Australia for the first time in 14 years and the two Sydney shows sold out so fast so many fans were left disappointed. They could put on a week's worth of concerts and they would all sell out!!

    Sorry Andre of Hamburg, but the BJ boys (August) were the last to play Wembley, not Oasis (July). If you doubt the fans here go to your fave search engine, you will no longer be in doubt (",)

    Keep The Faith peoples!!
  • Sophy from Hull, EnglandBOn jovi are my fav band eva!!!! i lv them, but i think they should play another gig in Hull!! I think Bon Jovi playing in the kc Stadium was the best thing that happened to hull!!
  • Lis from London, EnglandBon Jovi were the last band to play at Wembley - I checked below.

    More to the point - I was there and they rocked!! I also had tickets to go to the concert where they would be the 1st to play in the new stadium last june but, as we all know, twas not to be. Completely gutted!!!

    And yes, Bon jovi played a date of Carrie's in one episode of Sex and the City but he had really short hair - I'm a fan of the soft waves myself!!
  • Cool Dude from Ottawa, Canadaat Camp we used to sing 'Livin' on a Prayer', changing the words to make it fit in with the theme
  • Kelli from Cedar Rapids, IaDid I see Jon Bon Jovi on an episode of Sex and the City?
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaBon Jovi was good back in the "living on a prayer days", but now they suck.
  • Kristina from Glencoe, CanadaSomeone was asking about David's name change. His actual full, real name is David Bryan Raushbum (not sure about the spelling!). The big wigs wanted the band to de-ethnicise their names so he stuck with his first and middle names. Jon's real name is John Francis Bongiovi but he chose to change it to Jon Bon Jovi. Keep the Faith and Have a Nice Day!
  • Bob from England, EnglandNO Bon jovi was the last band to play at wembley andre look :

    Thanks get your facts right
  • Scott Johnson from Newcastle, Englandi would just like to say to the world that bon jovi have been an insperation for me and my band and helped us through hard patches even though we are jusr kids. BON JOVI RULE !!! KEEP THE FAITH PEOPLE
  • Peter from Vestfossen, NorwayJust want to mention that Jon Bon Jovi also starred as a guest star in the TV series Ally McBeal (don't know what season nor episode)?
  • Kelly from Rochester, NyBon Jovi is the single most amazing band in the world. they are unmatched in thier live venues and are wonderful people. I've seen them numerous times and each time is better then the last
  • Angie from Perth, ScotlandThe Vampires film "Charlie, Thomaston, CT" was referring to was Vampires: Los Meurtos! Good Film!!!
  • Andre from Hamburg, GermanyThe last band to play Wembley before it was torn down was Oasis, not Bon Jovi
  • Matt from Galloway, NjGuns 'n Roses and bon jovi ae two of the best bands...there voices don't sound that similar to me though.
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiajon was also in u-571 (the sub movie a couple of years ago)
  • Emily from Montreal, CanadaBon Jovi's one of my favorite bands!!!! BON JOVI AND GUNS N' ROSES RULES! Jon Bon Jovi and Axl Rose have similar voices, don't they?
  • Zoe from Perth, WaAfter reading the story STAR MAN Michael Francis" the right hand man of rock 'n' roll.which i suggest you read! John is the man he seems! Hes great, im jealous of Dorothea i hope i marry someone like john!
  • Paul from Malibu, Cawhy did David Bryan change his name ?
    on debut album appeared as David Rashbaum

    what did Hugh McDonald(Crush)do before joining Bon Jovi ?
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctol' jon bon was also in a recent movie on the sci fi channel about vampires or something
  • Jolie from Bellwood, IlIn my opinion Bon Jovi is the best band in the whole world, I love them!!!!! I agree with Arjun.
    I Love BON JOVI!!!!!!!! 4 - EVA!!!!
  • Mya from London, EnglandBetween them, the band members have 9 children. Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis, Jacob Hurley and newborn Romeo Jon belong to Jon, Ava Elizabeth is Richie's daughter, Colton Moon, Gabrielle Luna and Tyger Lily are David Bryan's, and Hector belongs to Tico. That's a lot of babies! Oh, and Tico used to be married to supermodel Eva Herzigova, but he divorced her after she allegedly had an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Arjun from Ahmedabad, Indiamy opinion though mi young jon bon jovi and the band ofcourse is one of the best band ever heard in my whole life
  • Elizabeth from New Bern, NcYes, Alec John Such was let go during the bands down years because he was making the bands inner sanctum public knowledge. He was wrecking the brotherhood from Jersey
  • Angela from Sumter, ScJon was also in the movie U571!!
  • Richard from Alva, Oki'm no bon jovi expert, but bass guitarist alec john such was kicked out of the group some years ago...they use a session player now.
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