Love Drunk

Album: Love Drunk (2009)
Charted: 22


  • This was the title track and lead single of American Rock band Boys Like Girls' sophomore album.
  • Singer/actress Ashley Tisdale appears in the song's music video.
  • Lead singer Martin Johnson told Billboard magazine about his plans for the album: "I had three records written and I wrote a whole new one and wasn't satisfied yet. I wanted to really step up the bar and keep our current fans but at the same time expand it so that we're happy and we could maybe get some other age ranges happy, too." He added that Love Drunk is, "still definitely BLG. It doesn't stray off the path too much, but, it doesn't sound as youthy, angsty, whiny. It's more grown-up lyrically and musically and taking influences from all across the board, from every type of music and putting it into one and having a lot of fun. I think a lot more people will be able to relate to it."
  • Johnson explained to MTV News that the song isn't exactly about falling in love. He said: "It's obviously not about being in love. It's about giving the F.U. to a relationship and a situation. It's fun. It's kind of celebrating - skipping your way out gracefully with a nice flip of the bird rather than crying your way home to mommy. It's cool, 'cause the song has a twist to it. It's about having been love-drunk and then saying goodbye."

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  • Dana from Maysville, KyYea I love this song!

    I posted the lyrics and im sorry about the [/] when there is supposed be only a [']
  • Hayley from Somewhere, TnI love this song! :)
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