High Life

Album: Moonshine In The Trunk (2014)
  • This song finds Brad Paisley teaming up with Carrie Underwood for a second time, following their successful 2011 collaboration "Remind Me." The same three writers, Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace and Brad Paisley, penned both tunes.
  • "Remind Me" sparked a lawsuit from songwriter Amy Bowen, who claimed the songwriters lifted the tune from one of her own compositions. Paisley and Underwood poke fun at the legal dispute during the song's last verse. Paisley told Billboard magazine: "We were in the middle of this wacky, crazy story about a family that absolutely sees the potential in any situation. These are optimists these people in this story, this litigious family. They see opportunity everywhere. Other people may see disaster and these people see opportunity."

    "It was fun to bring Carrie in," he added. "I mean we are singing about her in the last verse and she's a good sport. I didn't know what she'd say when I sent her the verse because it's talking about suing her butt, but I think it will be fun to see what people think of this. I think they're going to crack up."
  • Chick-fil-A features prominently in this song. The chicken chain is rooted in Christian values, and isn't open on Sundays. It has a devout following, especially in the South where most of them are located.

    In the third verse, momma slips on ice outside of a Chick-fil-A, earning her a settlement of $10,000 and free chicken for life. At the end of the song, Paisley and Underwood have a spoken exchange where they discuss their love for the restaurant, especially the waffle fries and Polynesian sauce.


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