Brand New

Jesse LaceyVocals, guitar
Vincent AccardiLead guitar, vocals
Brian LaneDrums
Garrett TierneyBass, vocals
Derrick ShermanKeyboards, vocals

Brand New Artistfacts

  • Brand New members Jesse Lacey, Garrett Tierney, and Brian Lane all began playing music together in the late '90s. Their band was first called The Rookie Lot before they broke away from the other members and started their own group called Brand New.
  • Before starting The Rookie Lot with bassist Garrett Tierney and drummer Brian Lane, Brand New lead singer and guitarist Jesse Lacey played bass and sang backing vocals for Taking Back Sunday. Two of the prominent songs Lacey is featured on are "Go On" and "Summer Stars," both of which can be found on Taking Back Sunday's first self-titled EP.
  • There's a mysterious video for Brand New's single "Jesus" floating around the internet. The clip was directed by a person named "Moh Azima" who may or may not be real. Apparently the video was made in 2006 but never released because the band's label, Interscope, rejected it. The official version was removed by both Interscope and Brand New in 2009, but copies of it can still be found with a bit of Googling.
  • Several of the songs on Brand New's 2006 album The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me contain references to pop culture. For example, the title of the song "Sowing Season" was taken from Stephen King's novel Secret Window, Secret Garden. A character in the novel writes a short story with the same title: "Sowing Season."
  • The title of the Brand New song "Fork and Knife" was taken from Fork and Knife, a restaurant located along the train tracks in Long Island. The title was suggested by lead guitarist Vincent Accardi, who hails from Long Island.
  • In the video for Brand New's song "Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades," a silhouette figure can be seen in the final shot. Many fans believed the figure was Thursday lead singer Geoff Rickly, as it is widely known that the two bands are good friends and that Thursday is from nearby New Jersey. However, the figure is actually Justin Beck, guitarist for the metal band Glassjaw.
  • During the summer of 2009, Brand New went into the studio to re-work many of their old songs into new versions. Their label Interscope was excited and released a video for the new stripped-down version of the Brand New hit "Sowing Season." However, the band was not thrilled by this move. After several more videos, Brand New expressed disappointment with Interscope's strategy, saying "We hoped that they would all come out as a set, with an explanation of what we did and how we did it. Unfortunately, this did not happen."


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